Brisk and to the point

Obviously, males are perfectly capable of performing useful tasks unsupervised, but in doing so most will struggle with their natural laziness and incompetence.
Seems odd, after putting it off for weeks now to be in such a hurry.
Just do what comes naturally; you’ll be fine. She’ll do all the actual work, anyway.
A little unconventional, for the woman to be the one proposing marriage, but at least you’re in the traditional position, down on your knees.
In all seriousness (for this blog), I’ve often wondered about this. I mean, when I session with a domme, she’s always very firm about timings, confirmation and so on. Must be much harder for sex workers who can’t just order their clients about… maybe another reason for all female sex workers to go into domination, I suppose.
Another sub who doesn’t need to do anything, while other people do all the work. We’ve really got it made, haven’t we?

8 thoughts on “Brisk and to the point”

  1. In new country many women are emasculating men, making them sissies. Manhood is considered a disease by them that needs to be corrected. I notice that increasing numbers of men are going for sex change. There are also probably many eunuchs that are undercover that we don’t know about.
    Some women simply drain men’s bank accounts.
    The women prefer to be in a lesbian relationship or just single. Men are left to dry out sexually.
    Women have jobs, power, financial freedom. So women tell men that you’re only good to serve women. The only attention men may get is to be punished.
    Oh I want to cry.

    1. I for got to say.
      Business with dominatrices is up as are more men are being sent for punishment and to break them.
      In addition sales are up for male strap on dildos as some women prefer penetration, but not with a penis; humiliating. He does all the work while she gets all the pleasure.

  2. I pick five. Spankings in front of others even more reinforces women’s domination

  3. Oh Mistress, its so long since I had to remember the outside rules. I hope I get it all right. Do I have to curtsey to you in the Registry Office?

    1. To the outside world you will appear as a respectable husband to a successful wife. Inside her house you exist only for her pleasure, and will serve her in any way she desires.

    1. She hasn’t told me yet but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough if I fail to keep any of them.

      Best wishes to everyone and a Happy New Year to all women.


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