Superior wisdom

Every idea I’ve ever had is above my station, I reckon.
Good thing someone thought to bring clothespegs.
Yes. If the pain’s too much, she definitely wants to know, OK?
She can make quite a persuasive argument. In fact, I’m hooked already.
They shouldn’t worry too much. The mistresses there mostly aren’t into heavy pain play. Not with female subs. And with male subs it’s not really ‘play’ anyway.
Funny how I wanted to say “No. No there isn’t! And there won’t be any more coffee for another couple of months! How do you like that you… you…” But it came out as “No, I think that was the last, darling. Shall I make some fresh?”

25 thoughts on “Superior wisdom”

  1. On 21 November 2023, that is in three weeks time, my sissy slave husband, Max, will have been wearing his CB5000 chastity belt for one year. This is the longest he has worn it without relief and it marks a big change in our relationship.

    It has been removed for washing, but he couldn’t touch his c**k at all.

    The main change I have noticed is that after 6 months passed Max stopped asking me if he may be released. He understood that I had decided he would remain in his CB for one year.

    During that year he has become very placid, quiet and obedient. It was difficult for him in the first 2 or 3 months because I was so busy that I didn’t have time to let him out whilst I supervised.

    Difficult because he still hoped that I would let him out, he knew it was my decision alone and he also accepted that I didn’t prioritize it.

    I hadn’t really decided on a one year wait for him at that point, that came later. He was so sweet that I thought he was calmer without touching his silly c**k.

    I haven’t told Max yet, but I may let it roll into 2 years, seems sensible really.

    You may wonder why it is such a difficulty finding time, but it is so time consuming and I have been travelling a lot this year, and when I am home I have other more important things to think about.

    I loved Bali, I may go back next year. It has such a luxury vibe, lots of outside fun too, swimming, snorkeling and boating. Max would enjoy it as he wouldn’t need to do housework as we have a maid who come in every day provided by the resort.

    I am sat here in the kitchen typing on my laptop as I watch my darling, Max. He is so busy today as it is a washing and ironing day. He also has some hand washing to do too. I look at him and wonder if he thinks he will get release in a few weeks. I don’t know what he thinks about, but I hope it is mainly about my pretty feet.


    1. I’m happy that you decided he will be more than a year.
      My bf have been more time than than, since he had his accident, and he is pretty well


      1. Erections are a privilege I don’t have now. I still often dream of getting access to woman’s vagina. I’m frustrated as hell. Sometimes I am very angry at women; other times I feel like I want to spoil them.

      1. Thanks for the question, Anonymous.

        Max has begged in the past to be let out of his CB6000. I don’t encourage it and it may result in the further delay of his release.

        The principle is that he does not have access to his c**k unless I allow it.

        I find begging to be unpleasant and so he is not allowed to do it. Of course, when he is desperate he will disobey and this results in punishment


          1. Hello Maria, I am happy to explain how I punish Max for begging to be released from his chastity belt, CB6000.

            I would firstly explain to him that begging is not acceptable and that it will result in one more month in the CB6000. Secondly, if he was impertinent or precocious in his begging then I may cane him.

            I generally do not cane for what I consider minor infractions like begging to be released, but if it is combined with backchat or impertinence or precociousness then I may if I have time.

            By precociousness I mean he speaks as if he is an equal or is, in some weird way, a man and not a sissy. This can sometimes happen, but rarely.

            Hope this answers your lovely question, Maria.


          2. For begging, I usually just punish my bf with writing lines,with his protocol.maybe a cold shower

    2. Zoe. Thanks for lovely information.
      Does hand washing your panties get Max aroused ?
      Shy Steve

      1. Hello Shy Steve. An interesting question, whether hand-washing my panties gets Max aroused.

        Max loves to handle my bras and panties and my pantyhose too. He loves hand-washing because it is so intimate.

        I guess the simple answer
        is ‘yes ‘, but if he gets too big in his chastity it is not a pleasant experience.

        He loves handling my stuff, my skirts and dresses especially .

        Max is such a good sissy


        1. Greetings Zoe
          I’m embarrassed to ask, Max must really love you, doesn’t he ?
          Shy Steve

    3. Thank you, Ms Zoe

      Women often wonder what men are thinking about, but the truth is often we’re not really ‘thinking’ at all, in any sense that the superior sex would understand the word. I expect Max, like many males, has an exagerated sense of how much he would actually enjoy sexual release, so it’s probably best just to keep it as a theoretical possibility.

      Best wishes


  2. After a month of Locktober have any of you men also been told by your wives that they like your tongue much better than your penis?

  3. Woman in red dress exemplifies her confidence in the strength of pussy power.

    1. Tease and deny a man until he begs. Then he give to you his tongue, presents, gifts, cuddles, and does chores you want done. Las chicas rule !

  4. Have you relied how many much popularity have gainwd chastity belt is the last years?
    20years agor they were only for BDSM games, today women in vanilla relationships uses them, in their boyfriends.
    You can easily buy them, and see them quite often

    1. Maria. What changes have you seen with more men wearing chastity cock cages ?

    2. Actually, I understand that chastity belts are quite unpopular, at least among the men wearing them. But fortunately, their opinion is not the one that counts.

      Best wishes


  5. You mean how they behave?
    They are more polite with women. Less “macho” behaviour.

    1. More whining, pleading and begging too. I’ve heard some women enjoy that, although my SO says she finds it tiresome unless it’s accompanied by actual pain.

      Best wishes


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