As you’ve probably noticed, this blog features ‘themed posts’ on a Sunday. Well, I… what do you mean you haven’t noticed? You don’t just come here to look at the pretty women and wank, do you? This is supposed to be a conversation between me, the artist, and you sitting there, with your trousers down around your…

OK, well anyway, not exactly a themed post today but I noticed I was doing more and more captions, defacing the lovely image of a lady called Nicola Cavanis, so I thought I’d do a special on her, give her her own tag and so on. I expect she’ll be rather pleased, don’t you?

Remarkably, for a young lovely whose photos are all over the Internet, she appears not to be Russian.

But… ?
That’s the great thing about femdom – you can just turn many ordinary household implements into sex toys. Whether it’s something sharp, something blunt and heavy or just something vaguely cylindrical and sufficiently large, there’s almost always some kind of scene you can work with it.
Are you going to stand there and let her speak to you like that – you, a grown man? Stamp your foot, dammit – or run to your room, throw yourself onto the bed and scream into the pillow while kicking your feet. She’ll soon realise she can’t treat you this way.
I’m not even tired. Not fair.
I just can’t imagine why he would have wanted not to spend hours handwashing her panties… what’s wrong with the guy?
Be prepared, sissy, be prepared. I myself never go out without lubing up a little, just in case I should run into one of my SO’s former boyfriends and find myself being whored out to his mates. I’m not saying it happens every time, obviously, but when it does I’m usually glad of a little lubrication back there. I usually carry some mouthwash too – you never know when you’ll need it, do you?

14 thoughts on “Entzückende”

  1. 3rd caption: “But why coffee though my lady? What if I need it to start my day off right? At least let me have coffee. Come on!!!” 😭

    5th caption: “Well, I did it to save time to have dinner ready for you my lady. Plus, I wanted to look good for you like a proper sissy should. I know it turns you on seeing me dress like a slut.” ☺

    1. Such a señorita say to me that she want all men around her to be aroused and denied.

        1. Yes, here we usually prefer boys that way.
          How women in your country prefer them?

    2. Well, Squaw, this whole ‘need’ thing is the wrong way to argue it. You might feel you need it – that an d other things – but does she need you to have one? No matter how desperately you might feel about it? If not, I really don’t see that it’s her problem.

      Best wishes


  2. Since having no erections I have gotten an uncontrollable urge to lick, finger and use a strap on dildo on her. She lies back passively while I do all the work to give her pleasure.
    Her clitoris has greatly grown, her vagina is larger and slightly has a pink glow. My penis has shrunk.
    I’m not submissive, but I have wound up serving her in many ways. She knows how desirable and powerful she is and it shows. She says it’s the natural order for men to serve women anyway. Just learn to live without erections.

    1. My friend my friend. Remember, you’re not the problem. Women are the problem, a big problem !!
      Do you have male support groups where you live ?

  3. Boys need to cum as much as a junkie needs drugs.
    It causes addiction and behavioural problems.

    1. I’ve not heard it called an addiction, but my lesbian master makes me feel that my cumming is very disgusting and that my erections are dirty. And they lead to nasty problems. She teaches me instead to worship her vagina, and in fact to worship her whole body. My Penis is dirty and her vagina is pure.

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