You know how you feel at the iron gripe of ruthless oppression…

… you know how you bear the galling sneer of contumelious greatness.

Robert Burns said that. And how right he was, despite being a man. “Contumelious” was new to me: it means an “insulting display of contempt in words or actions; contemptuous or humiliating treatment.” How weird at my age to learn a new word for something I have adored for so long.

The next time I email a domme requesting a session I must remember to ask for ‘contumelious’ treatment. I’m sure she’d be impressed and give me exactly the treatment I need.

Don’t worry – I’m sure she doesn’t mean you.*
That must be very reassuring.
Ah, now I’m afraid I can’t go along with this. Consent is the alpha and omega in a BDSM relationship – never forget that. A few times early in my relationship I withheld consent when my SO was about to punish me and she got bloody furious, believe me. I won’t be making that mistake again.
She missed a trick, there: should have translated it into millimetres. Then it’s quite an impressive number: almost into double figures.
Tsk… no one’s even bothered to clean them. How can she stand putting them on her feet?
What men’s libbers don’t seem to realise is that in being so annoying, they’re reinforcing precisely the stereotypes about male behaviour they get so upset about. But then, if they weren’t so stupid, they probably wouldn’t be libbers in the first place, would they? I think most of them just need to be taken firmly in hand.

* No really. You’re quite different; so you can appreciate this kind of caption ironically, rather than feeling insulted. Anyway, you only read the blog for the jokes, right?

10 thoughts on “You know how you feel at the iron gripe of ruthless oppression…”

    1. Shy Steve, welcome to the group.
      Many a man has been ruined by his sexual addiction; I know; I’m one. I feel worthless.

  1. It’s weird to me that this post contains both female supremacy (in the opening paragraph) and feminization-as-humiliation (in the second image). Those seem to have the opposite valence to me.

    1. Beta men who are submissive to get sex; who grovel and beg for it humiliate themselves. The men who leave all sex up to the woman are feminized in a way, but no humiliation, just man enough to realize the woman has all the cards in the game of sex

    2. For what it’s worth, Curiously, my own resolution to the problem is achieved by not looking remotely plausibly feminine when dressed like that. She gets to look elegant, pretty, severe, casual or any other female style and looks great – I look like an overweight idiot in an ill-fitting tacky version of a maid’s outfit.

      Works for me!

      Best wishes


  2. Yes, I’d like too,if some of the supposedly female supremacist boys here ,explained me why they consider humiliating to be feminiced

    1. Maria.
      Men are put in chastity cages, not as torture, but to train them. They are now incapable of sex, and they feel it. Over time the men don’t see women as sex objects anymore, but as fellow humans. So in a way they are feminized to focus on human feelings instead of on sex.
      I don’t consider that humiliating.
      It’s a good thing. Don’t you agree?

      1. I myself have never thought of being dressed up in versions of female clothing as necessarily bringing me closer to truly female ways of thinking. I don’t suddenly become competent when I put a dress on, for example. It’s true I do often become more aware of my SO’s feelings in those circumstances, but I suspect that’s more about fearing the consequences of her being in a bad mood than having any kind of meaningful internal feminisation.

        Best wishes


  3. Some men get a high from being dominated and humiliated. It’s an addiction.

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