Ideas above my station


Scurry scurry scurry…

In practice a lot of the psychological elements flow fairly naturally from the pain and from the dread of it,

Coding’s a valuable skill in today’s economy but getting the coffee that helps keep the coding girls focused is vital too.  Not as well paid – obviously, as a traditional male occupation – but there’s more to life than money and the satisfaction of a menial job done adequately cannot really be priced.  Plus, a really good coffee boy might have a shot at a tampon boy position, should one become available.  Better than sitting in front of a computer staring at boring old code, amirite?

So brave she bought a weekly pass enabling her to see any show she pleases.  But watching Mark will be special for her, obviously.

This picture in welts was just chance but some dommes take pride in their artistic skill with the whip.  My SO likes to do Mondrians on me, for instance.  I don’t mind the lines, it’s the areas of uniform flat colour that really sting.

A happy Cruella shoot, of course, with all three participants enjoying the balmy British summer.

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  1. 3rd caption: He should have read the fine print of his contract. His duties were vague in certain spots. Its not going to stop at just getting coffee or ordering food. It will get more intimate each step. Next, its going to be a tampon boy, then it will be giving them massages. Eventually, like the other boy, this will come down to him stripping and getting hard for them whenever they are in the mood. And, there is a no opt out clause for the next six months. So he can't run away either. Trying to quit didn't workout for the other boy. He came back, in tears, ass and face red, with two ladies having him firmly in hand.

  2. Sorry Mistress, I just couldn't take my eyes of Miss Lily's delightful lace panties, but I am being careful to iron very carefully around all the buttons and – oh I wish it could be me doing up every one of those buttons – there you go Melissa, just stop dreaming and get on with your task. And maybe Miss Lily will have a skirt which needs ironing – hopefully . . . .

  3. Thank you, Squaw. A vision of the future there. At the time shown on the caption, of course, he doesn't have a contract yet, not even an offer. But I'm sure he'll be able to demonstrate his enthusiasm and willingness to go that extra mile, during the interview process, so I'm sure he'll end up safely in their corporate fold.

    Best wishes


  4. Thank you, Melissa. Sounds like you have the right attitude. I mean, what Mistress could really get cross about a sissy maid not doing the ironing properly, as long as the bubble-headed little thing explains that she was thinking erotic thoughts about Mistress's girlfriend and said girlfriend's knickers. Most Mistresses would be very understanding in those circumstances – mine understands me all too well, as she often remarks.

    Best wishes


  5. Well, he doesn't have much of a choice in the new era. He can either accept being naked at a woman's feet, or not work at all, and end up either back under his mother's roof, or in one of those male foster homes. This is what males have to look forward to. And he shouldn't want it any other way.

  6. I had spent an hour on the motorway coming home from the airport. I had spent a month New York with our office there in Manhattan. It was snowing slowly and I was feeling really stressed. Max, my sissy slave husband, had been hubby sat by my Mother, his Mother and a young girl who works in my office and is always looking for ways to get extra money. They had a Rota going which meant he was never alone for long. The arrangement worked perfectly, I had regular reports which were all positive.

    However, dear Servitor, I had been really stressed at work, the implications of any mistakes in my Legal Reports meant millions of dollars in wasted money. The flight was stressful, my pantyhose has laddered badly, my dress was crunched and untidy and my hair, sorry I wont go there, absolute disaster. Now it is a rule of mine that I don't punish Max just to make me feel better, but when I got home wet and tired and stressed there was Max, cool and relaxed and looking forward to an hour of foot and ass worship.

    What to do, Servitor? I am only human. I must confess that after a shower and a cane workout on Max's back I felt quite chilled.

    Was I so wrong, Servitor?


  7. I was talking to my friend, Kate, about how Max is in an awful strop because I have been in such a rush in the mornings to get to work that I haven't had time to let him kiss and worship my feet. Silly old boy, he should know it is a privilege, not a right.

    Kate told me I need to cane him, but I don't know. He does love my stinky morning feet. He is a good boy generally, but he hates not having access to them, you know what I mean?


  8. Of course you weren't wrong, Ms Zoe. Suppose you'd held back and decided to remain tense and uncomfortable just to avoid hurting Maxie. Can you imagine how guilty the poor boy would feel if he ever found out? As it turned out, he had the opportunity to relieve your tension, and when he'd recovered his breath from all the screaming and pleading I hope he had the honesty to thank you for it.

    Best wishes


  9. Perhaps you could give him the lovely surprise of a day in tight bondage face down in some heavily-used socks, some time when he's ahead on his chores, Ms Zoe.

    Best wishes


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