Here’s a bit of a how do you do!

Yes, here are even more modern femdom notions awkwardly crowbarred into scenes of elegant soirées, lusty stable-lads and thoroughly modern (and simply thrillingly butch!) lesbians… it’s another Downton Domination post.


Pre-war, obviously.  During the war, bacon fat and lard were on the ration, so they just had to make do as best they could.  Still, mustn’t complain: there was a war on, you know.




Looks like she’s planning to keep her chin up, no matter what.  You might find yourself doing the same.


Men were men in those days – and knew how to take a marital beating like a man, too.  Try not to let the side down, old chap, hmm?

She’s making sacrifices for her country: you, specifically. 

Some might regret the passing of those days when a wife would see it as her duty to do whatever it took to satisfy her man sexually, like that.  I won’t comment.

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  1. I don't know where's the right place to try to hide after she's informed about the bombing of Dresden. Trying some rat poison? Nice I don't need to face such situations. Just supporting the FemSupremacy

  2. Best not to think about these things too much if you ask me, Mr A. Otherwise we might get all mawkish and then where would we be, eh?

    Best wishes


  3. Darling, you know there is a war on. We must all do our bit, you know? Now Carstairs has agreed to help with some aspects of sissy management. There are some awfully good ideas now for us women. My friends have all got a sissy to go with their husbands and give them a thrill and the servants love the extra help. Carstairs is very good at ass worship and I thought you could help her and she could teach you. You must admit you are really lacking in this regard.

    Now, darling I am annoyed at you. You must call Carstairs, Ma'am, ok? She is a woman so, although she is my Senior Lady's Maid, she is your senior. That is a three stroke caning penalty for being rude to a lady. Carstairs tells me your Ass training is coming along nicely. You have pleasured her and her Mother and even one or two Stable Girls.

    This is splendid. I have made my sacrifices too you know, for the war effort. I have only two downstair maids and only three cooks. My car is the cheapest one that Rolls Royce have and I can't go to Baden Baden this year for the Spa for obvious reasons, darling. I have also not got any Spring fashion items and I may forgo the summer collection too, especially if Mr. Hitler invades Paris, and the rest of France too. I do so love Paris fashions.

    Now tell Carstairs to run me a bath and whilst I am in there you can beg her to let you worship her Ass. It is spectacularly large, isn't it darling?

    You know you want to, darling.


  4. In both of the world wars, it was quite common for women to undertake tasks that were traditionally considered solely in the domain of men, for the duration, I understand. Sounds like Carstairs kept the home fires burning, when all the real men were at the front, so I hope your darling helped her out in any way he can.

    Best wishes


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