Perilous prose

You have to slap pretty hard to get the ketchup sachet to burst open.  But then you have to slap pretty hard anyway – she insists on it – so don’t worry about that. Worry about other things.

And she’ll make sure you’re penciled in for one of the first slots available in her schedule after her holiday, OK?


I once told a domme I couldn’t really cope with public humiliation and she just looked at me strangely and asked how I managed in day to day life, never leaving the house.  I think she must have misunderstood me.



Don’t worry, her travel insurance will make sure she gets all the money she needs after your tragic and unexplained disappearance.




My SO once had an affair with a lesbian sub and I was over the moon, because I thought finally there’d be another submissive to share the chores.  But apparently lesbian D/S “doesn’t work like that”.  And the attitude to chastity play was a bit different too… a lot different, if I’m honest.


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  1. I was reminiscing with my mother-in-law about the early days of my marriage to dear Max. I was still a Pupil at a Law firm and we didn't have much money. I knew I needed a partner to take to the formal dinners I had to attend and I didn't want to arrive with a different man each time. I agreed with Marjorie, Max's mommy who is a family friend, that it would be easier to marry a sissy who could look good next to me and I could control. Max was eager to marry as he thought it would be a new start for him. He was used to doing his sister's chores and obeying them and being told off by both of them on occasion.

    We started married life in a converted factory which had been divided into apartments. I soon got Max into a routine of food shopping, washing and ironing, dusting and vacuuming, bedmaking and knitting. I allowed him one treat a week, which was postponed if he had behaved badly. His most favourite treat was to be allowed to watch soaps on TV passed his 8 o/clock bedtime. As he got used to my rules he rarely watched the soaps in the first year. He was much too naughty.

    Max worked as a goffer in a factory where they made Indian saris and underwear. It was his job to collect finished garments and take them to the store room. He also served refreshments and cleaned the ladies toilet. I got good reports of his work and was please when his meagre wage was deposited into my bank account. I gave him pocket money for small incidentals.

    Marjorie reminded me of the time Max turned up at her house alone and unannounced and said he was leaving me as I was too cruel. He had a shopping bag with some shirts and pants and his tooth brush. She asked what had happened and he said I was too strict and he had to worship my feet every night. Needless to say, Marjorie rang me on my cell and he was returned to me.

    I whipped him that night and gave him 500 lines to write 'I am a silly sissy as Zoe is a kind wife and I am very fortunate to live with her divine majesty.'

    I enjoyed those early years as we appreciated all we had together. The sex was phenomenal too. I mean with my boyfriends, Max was in a CB5000 from the wedding day. He hasn't had sex with me for about 5 years.

    We laughed at the funny things that happened as Max kissed and worshipped his mommy's feet as we chatted.

    ''Max, do you remember when you made a summer skirt for me and you got the size wrong? It was far too big for me. Do you remember what I did?''

    ''Goddess, you made me unpick it and start again. You also slapped my face, hard.''

    ''Oh yes, I had forgotten the slap. So funny.''

    Such happy memories, Servitor.


  2. What a sweet tale, Ms Zoe. It's rather inspiring that the two of you started with so little like that, but now I expect you can support Max in the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed. I'm afraid my own relationship is more traditionally structured, in that I have a rather high-powered high paying job, but for this reason my SO thinks it important to compensate by not giving me any pocket money at all, but instead requiring me to account for the smallest purchase and ask for permission for anything out of the routine. She used to work, but decided some years ago to giver it up and concentrate on managing the household. And what a very effective manager she is – I'm rarely in the slightly doubt about what work needs doing and I get detailed feedback when I've finished.

    Best wishes


  3. Aww honey, don't cry. I know the whip hurts more than the cane, but I will not be spoken to in that rude way you did.

    ''He is such a naughty boy sometimes do you know what he did, you wont believe it Kate.''

    ''What did he do? He looks awfully sore. Max, don't cry, you will set me off.''


    ''OUCH, so so sorry ma'am.''

    ''Well, yesterday, I was getting ready to go out on a hot date. He was helping me choose a nice sexy dress to wear.''

    ''aarggh!! ma'am, please.''

    ''Isn't he supposed to count, Zoe?''

    ''You are right, now Max remember to count from one, and thank me.''


    ''Aargh. One ma'am, thank you ma'am.''

    ''So, what happened.''

    ''Well, I held a black and a red dress against me and asked which one he liked, ok? He said he preferred my green dress, can you believe it? I gave him the choices and he ignored them.''

    I continued to whip Max, at the end he kissed the whip and cried as he thanked me for correcting him.

    ''Thank you for correcting me sniff!! I am so sorry ma'am sniff!!.''

    I cuddled Max and spoke softly to him as Kate told me about her new boyfriend.

    ''Aww poor babe. I hate to whip you, so much. I know it hurts, but you can't answer with a dress I am not asking your opinion on, understand?''

    ''Yes, ma'am, but the green….''

    ''Stop, Max. Don't be a silly Billy.''

    ''So, my boyfriend's name is Jake and we met at work. You will love him Zoe, he is so cute.''

    ''Max, get on with your chores. You know I want my black skirt ironed, ok?''

    ''Yes, ma'am.''

    ''I'd love to meet Jake, Kate.''


  4. Another lovely tale, thank you Ms Zoe. I hope Max showing you up in front of Kate like that wasn't too uncomfortable for you. Sounds like she saw the funny side, anyway.

    Best wishes


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