When her pet-name for you is ‘maggot’

 … then you know you’re onto a good thing.


Make sure you get the right one, this time.



She’ll have plenty of sex and plenty of money – she prefers to get them from different people, that’s all.  That’s not going to be a problem, is it?



Sexual pleasure is over-rated anyway, so I have been led to understand.

Princess Neive and Miss Analisa, there, and also here.  But neither working in person any more, I believe, alas.

Oh well.  You can enjoy watching her eat too, I suppose, just like you watch her do the other thing.

I asked a sex worker for a nurse roleplay session and when I got there she threatened to go on strike, harangued me about the state of NHS funding and then fell asleep, exhausted after a 14-hour shift. Exactly as I’d asked for in my pre-session email… what a pro.

2 thoughts on “When her pet-name for you is ‘maggot’”

  1. How was I to know which stick to pick up? They all look the same to me. I wish she would just keep me on the lead. At least then I know where I am

  2. I'm with you on that one, Melissa. I mean, what's the point of being submissive if you still have to make choices and take your own decisions? Defeats the whole purpose, really.

    Best wishes


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