Ladylike behaviour

A caption from the days before teleworking, of course.  These days busy executives can do a full working day and tawse their husbands as often as needed, all without even leaving the house.

Obviously, men are allowed in the toilets to clean them – but that’s a privilege reserved for the best-behaved and longest-serving residents.

If they put that finding together with the body profile they deduced from the outsized maid outfit also found in your house, they just might get a clear picture of what happened.  Science is great, isn’t it?  Just ask Serena and Alice.

Some people who are generally quite dim can turn out to be brilliant at maths.  Just like some of us with quite high IQs can often be fucking useless stupid morons – or as often as I can afford to pay people to tell me I am, anyway.

He must have very good genes.  Shame there’s no question of them being passed on to the next generation.

7 thoughts on “Ladylike behaviour”

  1. ''If anyone asks you why you are here, honey, you just say you are with me and I am your designated female. Stay close and no one will notice you, I promise. ''

    ''Excuse me ma'am. Is this boy yours?''

    ''Why yes, he is my sissy slave husband, Max. Say hello to the nice lady, Max. Sorry is he bothering you?''

    ''Good morning, ma'am.''

    ''Good boy, Max.''

    ''No, it's just we don't see many men in this dress shop. Keep him close, though, ok.''

    ''He really is no trouble. I thought it would be nice to go shopping with my husband, that's all. I know you sometimes have unaccompanied males looking at dresses and causing a nuisance, but Max is a good boy. No trouble at all.''

    ''I seen him look at my legs and I saw him look at Mabel's bosoms. I just don't trust men, you know? They is always trouble. Can't he stay outside by the lamp post with the other husbands?''

    ''You have long legs and are in a short skirt, Mabel has enormous boobies. A man is bound to look. Just leave him be, ok? Come on Max let's go and get ourselves a coffee.''

    ''Some women are so sexist against poor sissy men. It is awful.''


  2. Quite right to take your custom elsewhere, Ms Zoe. A sensible ladyswear outlet will recognise the difference between allowing a meek and locked sissy like little Maxie on the premises and admitting real men. I was once set out to buy some lingerie for my SO, early in our relationship, as she wanted to give her bull a nice surprise, but the shop I was instructed to go to had a 'No unaccompanied men' sign outside. I was in a terrible quandary but one of the shop assistants saw me looking fretful, came out to ask what was wrong and when I explained she just burst out laughing and said guys like me were obviously OK. She was still giggling – and had told all the other staff too – when I took the lingerie up to pay. That was kind.

    Best wishes


  3. Thank you. So do I. The process of writing captions is admittedly a lot less stressful than that of actually writing lines. But we don't always get to choose, do we?

    Best wishes


  4. ''Now, honey, let me order our food, ok? They may be a place that doesn't serve boys. They still exist. In fact, my friend Cara says she prefers them. Kind of like a safe place, away from guys staring.''

    ''Excuse me madam, have you the boy's ID?.''

    ''Of course, here it is. He is my sissy husband.''

    ''Very nice, madam. Yes, it looks in order. This is the boy's menu, ok? It doesn't have any meat or any of the nicer cheeses.''

    ''Thanks, I'll have a Latte and he will have Heated Water. I'll have a chicken salad with noodles, What is boy's egg special?''

    ''Oh, that is fried egg with beans and french fries. It is special because it is not on the menu for ladies.''

    ''OK, we will have that.''

    ''Thank you ma'am. If the boy gets annoying there is a creche out the back for him to wait in.''

    We were out shopping for shoes for me when we stopped for lunch at a fashionable eatery. Most places allow boys to eat accompanied, but you have to have ID for them. Max looks so handsome and grown up. I am really proud of him. Such a good boy.


  5. I find a good hand tawsing and mouth soaping always works well with a night of line writing.

    1. That does sound highly effective. With a line crafted to remind the writer of both situations. “The bitter taste of soap in mouth, the soreness of tawsed hands, remind me as I write these lines to follow her commands.”

      Best wishes


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