″‘You are fettered,’ said Scrooge, trembling. ‘Tell me why?’

Bah humbug.  Have some Christmas-themed captions and then that’s done for another year, thank goodness.

Oh well.  Time to pretend socks were the thing you wanted most of all in the world. Don’t you hate it when that happens?  All those little hints. Still, Angie’s right: you always need socks.

Oh dear: looks like the start of one of those Christmas rows. One advantage of the sort of relationship this blog celebrates, though, is that such unpleasantness is usually quickly and painfully resolved without upsetting anyone who matters.

Just give it a try.  She’s got this magnetic clicker thing to unlock it, somewhere. I tried one a few years back and I can honestly say it’s changed my life.

They try to get into the Christmas spirit at the Male Re-education Centres.  The joke they like to play on recently-castrated sex offenders with the ‘pass the parcel’ game is getting a little stale, these days, but at least they’re trying to keep things cheerful and festive, in otherwise grim surroundings.

Mistress Eleise with a cane.  And they say there’s no wonder or magic in the world any more.

Actually, Ian has got a present for you, of a sort. He hasn’t told her because she might try to stop him.  But that’ll just have to be a surprise.

…and an extra one.  Hey, why not – it’s Christmas!

Maybe time to try that 2000 piece jigsaw your aunt gave you – you know, to take your mind off things.

0 thoughts on “″‘You are fettered,’ said Scrooge, trembling. ‘Tell me why?’”

  1. Locked in a cock cage, whipped, told I’m not worthwhile enough while another gets it all,, made to beg for forgiveness of being such an undesirable, electric collars put on me, etc. All I wanted was love and to be constantly seduced all of the time. Instead I’m humiliated, frustrated, despised, and begging without results.

  2. My dear Hank.
    You are getting what you want, ie your are being aroused !!
    I thoroughly enjoy being aroused.
    Being dominated by a dominant is very arousing. Looking at pictures of beautiful women or seeing them in person is greatly arousing to me.
    I relish being aroused. It is thrilling !! One of the big exciting pleasures in life.
    Your fellow man thrilled by women, nothing like it,

  3. Recently, at a city council meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, a women with two helpers, all dressed in black leather bodysuits, demanded that taxes be used to the build and maintain torture dungeons, and to support dominatrixes and subs. She said she also looked forward to spanking each city council member.
    Feliz Navidad

  4. I think Her friend said men can't have enough locks. And not of hair. Femsup

  5. Honey come here, we need to talk. Kneel by my feet, ok? Goodboy, Max.

    Tomorrow we will have 12 people round our Christmas table. 6 women and 6 free men.

    Now I have hired some help with the cooking and serving and clearing away. Your job, as usual, is to serve and respond to any order you are given, ok?

    If there is a clash, for example you need to kiss help Miss Katy with the wrapping paper but my sister, Rachel, wants a foot rub, then you say you must ask me. You come and you check what to do. Rachel is really good at provoking you so don't get annoyed. Just check.

    Now you were a good boy last year, so just remember how you behaved and do the same.

    There are 2 guests I want you to be especially attentive to. Aunt Lillian is 76 next year and she has been a widow for just 2 years. She likes her pussy to be licked, so you must ask her permission ands get to it. I don't know if she is shy and will get you to do it in her bedroom or in front of everyone as she watches television, ok? Pardon? yes, she may be a bit smelly, but you are a slave and she is your superior.

    The other guest is Uncle George. He like to wrestle with sissy slaves. He is a bit rough but just does as he says, and remember to let him win. Not that you could win, really!!

    Happy Christmas, Servitor.


  6. Hank, Sam (there's something so poetic about those names, I almost feel a limerick coming on)

    Being aroused is indeed simply lovely and if one is granted (or forced with a pump) what is sometimes called 'relief', one is no longer aroused so where has the joy gone (and what was there to be relieved from)?

    Hank you seem to be rejecting the consequences of what is (surely – since you are here) your own fetish. Yet that is Goddess's ineffable plan for you, so accept it. I think we have the fetishes we need – I for instance, am irritating and need a good slap from time to time, so it is only right that the Good Goddess has given me the desire to pay for that treatment from time to time. SPH suits me perfectly, too. I'm very lucky that way.

    Best wishes


  7. Femsup, when you've been around women as long as I have (albeit usually at a respectful distance and sometimes hooded and bound) you'll discover that sort of comment isn't constructive. If we start assuming women might make mistakes, who knows where it would lead? Apart from over her knee, obviously?

    Best wishes


  8. Christmas is a time to pay particularly close attention to family, Ms Zoe, and it sounds like you're giving Maxie the opportunity to do just that. I hope he appreciates it.

    Best wishes


  9. You are right, Dear Servitor, Maxie is very fond of family at Christmas. He is a good boy, generally, but he is always nervous at Christmas. It is easy for him to upset my Uncle or my Mom, easy to make someone too weak tea or too strong coffee and be told off. Being told off is bad, but the younger women like to show how strict they are and if there is a competition, you know who is going to lose? Maxie will have a sore bottom or a well smacked face at the end. His dream maybe to lick the pussy of my 18 year old niece or even my sister, Rachel. We prefer foot worship though.

    Aunt Lillian, on the other hand, prefers a pussy lick and a squelchy sounds as Max worships her intimate parts, untouched since her husband dies 2 years ago. She confided in me that Maxie was much better than her late husband and she love the way he could continue for over 2 hours down there.

    ''Maxie, come her, I want to talk. Now our guests have gone how did Christmas pan out for you. Did it help that we had caterers in to help? How about worshipping my sister's feet? How about Aunt Lillian?''

    ''Oh most High Goddess, thank you for asking my opinion, most beautiful ma'am. The caterers helped a lot it meant I could concentrate on serving and pleasing your guests. I loved kissing feet, the young ma'am's were very appreciative. Goddess Amanda, you esteemed sister, was appreciative of foot worship, ma'am.''

    ''And Aunt Lillian?''

    ''The high goddess Aunt Lillian was kind enough, ma'am, to appreciate my humble efforts in worshipping her beautiful and wet and smelly pussy ma'am. It was a great honor and, if I am allowed to say so, I loved it so much.''

    ''How did it compare to mine?''

    ''Oh, most high goddess, Zoe. Nothing can compare to the exquisite pussy between your tanned gorgeously pretty legs, most high ma'am.''

    'Good boy. You may go and hand wash my silky white blouse, ready for the New Year party I am going to. It is at Rachel's house, so should be fun. Aunt Lillian will be cuck sitting you for the night, so fun for you too.''

    ''Thank you most high goddess.''



  10. Happy new year, S!
    I’m not sure if you’re still “cumming” back to this post, but will say if these treasure memes:

    – talking back: I’ve learned trying to defend my behavior gets a similar failing grade, and often a slap!

    – locksmith: lol… oh my. 🙂

    – BEST: omg, the present opening one! So subtle yet absolutely devastating! My panties started to rise. And yes, it’s saved 😉

  11. Aunt Lillian is deserving of every courtesy. Especially as She has had a man for a couple of years. Femsup

  12. Thank you all. Sounds like Aunt Lillian was properly into the true spirit of Christmas with plenty of goodwill (and ill-will) to all men. Family can be difficult at Christmas, but femdom-oriented households can just work all of that into the festive fun.

    Joy to the world.


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