United and flexible resolve

The ladies of my ever-unpopular Downton Domination series may appear to live lives of idle luxury.  But it would be a grave error to mistake requiescence for acquiescence, as I’m sure you’ll agree as soon as you’ve looked up what it means.  When Hitler and his gang of thugs made that mistake in 1939, these lionesses answered their country’s call.  Spunk, not funk, was the order of the day.  They did their bit and this blog is proud to remember Downton Domination’s finest hours.



Not forgetting our gallant and indefatigable allies, of course.  What?  No, not the bloody yanks you damn fool!

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  1. Years ago me and the girls would tie a guy up, tease him, then jerk him off. We would laugh our heads off at how ridiculous he looked squirting or oozing sperm. More fun doing together with other girls. A girl thing you know.

  2. Ma'am, the chaps are ready for your briefing. They have all been working jolly hard to be ready to be sissy slaves to the women in the Army.

    ''Ok, let me inspect them first. Line them up, yes, all 20 of them.''

    ''What's your name sissy? Oh, what a pretty name. Well, Daffodil, you must look at the floor when a woman is speaking to you, ok?''

    ''Sissy, shoulders back, chest out, that's better. Name? Really? Bit macho isn't it? Well, Thorn well done with the shine on those kitten heels.''

    ''Sissy's gather round I want to talk to you all before you are assigned to my officers, ok? Now settle down, there is room for everyone. Ok, stop chatting, listen and learn. As a fighting regiment we have had a tough war. We have fought many months against a weak and poorly trained group of Mutts soldiers. Most of them, are stupid men but some have had a good education abroad and so have learnt how to fight. We have sustained many deaths, but we are confident we will prevail in the end. We are, after all, women''

    ''Ma'am, may I humbly ask if we will be fighting Mutts?''

    ''No, sissy. You are too precious and pink, too silly and girly. No, the women will do the fighting. Your role will be to serve them as sissy slaves. You will cook, clean, iron, wash clothes, vacuum, look after their needs in any way, ok?''

    ''Ma'am, what kind of way, please?''

    ''Well, I guess there will be foot worship after a hard day, bottom licking, boot cleaning, sock worship, maybe you will be allowed to sleep at the foot of their beds, or even chat to them about hair and makeup and tampons and girly things, ok?''

    ''Will they call us by our name, ma'am?''

    ''Maybe, If they remember them. As the months go on, they may get quite friendly, but remember they are women, and so your natural superiors. Good sissy, very good question.''

    ''Sissy Squad!! Back to your line. Stand tall sissies. Be proud of your place in the regiment. Remember you are an important part of the life here. You all look splendid in your black miniskirts, crisp white blouses, kitten heels and nude pantyhose. Well done. Now Seargent Walters will assign you to the officers you will serve.''

    Jolly good sissies, every one of them. Each a credit to the mothers who raised them to be girly boys. I hope they enjoy working for the Officer Class here in the Regiment.


  3. Is it that bad?! Agh, the horror. I know the O-face thing is amusing to Women. SaraE

  4. Hitler? Everyday I'm walking in my home and my town has no historical centre because of British bombing… Never tough to write about in FD blog

  5. Thank you, CD. I'll be sure to pass that kind offer to the ladies concerned. My guess is they'll want you to keep coming back and keep commenting on the blog, but it's really not for me to say.

    Best wishes


  6. My SO has kindly decided to spare my embarrassment by making sure it rarely if ever happens. She's thoughtful like that.

    Thank you both


  7. Ah yes, the sissy regiments. They also serve, who only stand and do the ironing, as they say. Every fighter ace needs her clean underwear and some pampering after a hard day in the skies over Britain, after all. And the sissies even saw plenty of action, later in the war:one battalion even managed to hold up an entire panzer brigade for three hours, absorbing every thrust fand blow, taking everything Those hardened panzergrenadiers could give them… and when the vaseline supplies ran out, they used engine oil and carried on regardless.

    Thank you both for the lovely comments. Carry on and all that sort of thing.

    Best wishes


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