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  1. I love my sissy slave husband. He is very good at being unobtrusive and obedient. He is now in the punishment room, naked and shackled to a whipping table waiting for me. His crime? He has been a bit to handsy with me. He has touched my bottom in the kitchen and kissed my knees when he was kneeling in front of me whilst I watched the TV News.

    I often like to let him be in my presence whilst I see what is going on in the world. I don't notice too much if he is looking at my legs or trying to see up my skirt, he can't do anything about it after all. However, to actually kiss my knees is too much!

    It is sometimes shocking to hear about men being able to vote in some countries, even go to the same school as their sisters…..unbelievable. I often wonder how the west is able to allow men such freedoms and not go into total chaos. I have been told that they have an idea of equality and tolerance. I am not so sure. I think the women are too week to see what is happening.

    Just think about the World War Z. All those brave women fighting for freedom. Killing Mutts and getting high praise from everyone, including the men. Life is better for men too if women are in control, isn't that obvious?

    Anyways, I will whip him later, when I've come back from the shops.

    Busy days.


  2. Ms. Zoe- Funny, on vacation with my Wife, and am trying to get my own spanking, so like you described, getting hands and patting my Wife’s behind when She allows me a hug or kiss.
    I’m hopeful it will pay off soon… She’s busy, and I’m needing some corrective attention 🙂 SaraE

  3. I don't think there's anything wrong with tolerance, as such, Ms Zoe (but don't get me started on 'equality' and all that men's lib nonsense!). My SO is very tolerant of my faults and very patient, as she is constantly reminding me whenever she ends to inform me that her saintlike tolerance and patience is at an end, as I'm afraid it so often is as she has such an annoying male to deal with. It's inspiring, sometimes, as I tiptoe around trying to do my chores without annoying her, to see her resisting the furious outbreak that I so richly deserve – but resist it she does, often for many minutes at a time.

    Many thanks to you both.

    Best wishes


  4. She decided apparently that She didn’t want to be bothered with giving a spanking on our trip. Sigh, I am disappointed. But I did not bother Hee again. I wish o wasn’t such a sissy about it, ironically! SaraE

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