Feminine ferocity

It’s important to think about her needs, not just your own selfish desire not to be in agony.

To be fair, many femdom activities seem unlikely to be compatible with evolutionary success.  Chastity, for one.



Oh good.  I wonder what it is.



She has testimonials from several hundred eternally unsatisfied clients to prove it.




I’ll go to the end of the line, then.





0 thoughts on “Feminine ferocity”

  1. I’m not always sugar and spice and everything nice. Some days I get in a bad mood. I can be a real bitch then.

  2. Me and the girls just had another male bashing session. I want a real man; a man who is torn between overwhelming desire for me and at same time respecting me. I want it all.

  3. Thank you Zoe.
    Was feeling in a down angry mood today until I received this note from a male. My emotions were lifted.
    “Thou art woman. Thou deserve to be
    Gently kissed from your toes to ears
    Softly massaged from from your
    feet to neck
    Affectionately cuddled
    All by the man of your choosing”


  4. Holly. I would say or add that the happiest husbands are those who shower we wives with affection.

  5. Holly is a beautiful plant with painfully spiky leaves that can apparently be severely toxic. Perhaps your parents had some ideas when they named you, Ms Holly.

    Best wishes


  6. Thank you both. I'm a happy husband – my SO insists upon it. Except when she insists I'm not. Her mood can change quite quickly. And when it does, mine often changes soon afterwards.

    Best wishes


  7. Being beaten by Him for Her orgasm is something that’s humiliating, but I’d have to do it!
    The Saran Wrap would be interesting. It’s been a long time since we’ve had that out. SaraE

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