Forbidding ladies

Don’t worry.  One day you’ll no longer be a valuable asset.



You can still walk away.  For that to happen, you’ll need a degree of conscious control over your limbs, so you might need to wait a few moments.




Some might find it bizarre that he’s the one paying her, really, but we don’t, do we?


The extraordinarily wonderful Lady Sophia Black.  But no link to her web site, as she’s retired.  Like Paltego said a couple of weeks ago, you mustn’t  leave it too late – see what you miss out on?

I’m beginning to think she might be taking in laundry from her friends, to earn a little money on the side, the sly old thing.


Sorry, readers, I couldn’t resist.  Well… I could have.  But I didn’t.



Rather tediously, just a quick word about anonymity.  I’m getting more and more comments on the blog, which is absolutely brilliant, and I do try to reply to them all. Blogger provides an option for whether to allow anonymous comments and with some trepidation I switched it on some years back and I have not regretted it.  Almost all comments are fun and kind, I have very, very few trolls and the occasional marketing blurb that escapes the spam filters can easily be deleted (or left up if I think it funny).

So, all good.  But it’s getting harder to reply to all of the anonymous comments as specifically as I’d like.  You are of course welcome to be as anonymous as you want.  Our society is at present sadly unappreciative of males who need to be dressed in little maid outfits and have their naughty bottoms smacked until they squeal (actually, most if not all males need that, but the majority don’t know it yet).  However, if you could try to be just a little less anonymous, that would make the comments section more fun, I think.  Two options.  One: you can set up a Google account in a fake name.  I mean, I myself am not actually called ‘Servitor’ in real life, startlingly enough.  I have a completely separate Windows log-in for naughty stuff and that’s where Servitor lives, when he’s not chained up in the doghouse outside.  Two, if you’re uncomfortable with that you can still be officially ‘Anonymous’ but put some name at the bottom of your comments.  Misses Zoe and Holly do that, so do many others.  Even femsup can manage it, and he’s a worthless, incompetent worm, as I think he’d be the first to admit.  No offence, ‘sup.  

Or don’t.  Up to you.  I won’t delete purely anonymous comments and I’ll keep trying to reply to them.  So there are neither rewards nor consequences for good behaviour in this regard, as this blog is not under proper female supervision.  Just a suggestion.

Goodness, that was a lot of words with no wanking material involved. And there you are, sitting all ready with your trousers down around your ankles. Go on, then, have an extra captioned image of a lovely lady, as a reward for getting this far.



Quite right.  Back to those chores.


0 thoughts on “Forbidding ladies”

  1. Sometimes when we’re in a bad mood, me and the girls would dress up and go out. We’d pretend to not notice the boys eyes bulging out as they were so aroused; fun! We’d also act unaware as the boys would ridiculously try anything to get sex with us and fail. Afterwards we girls would go back to one of our homes and have a real giggle session. Sorry guys. “Girls just want to have fun”.

  2. I'm sure you can have a lot of fun with the girls, Ms Holly, and if the giggles are at the boys' expense so much the merrier.

    Best wishes


  3. I was on the Chesterfield with one of my oldest friends, Kathleen. My sissy slave husband, Max, was crouching on the floor quite near. He was in fact, near enough for us both to have our tired feet on his back.

    We talked about politics, the war in Ukraine and the floods in Pakistan. We also covered work gossip and the panic caused when your hairdresser decides to emigrate to Australia. That is what happened to me and it caused a slight panic.

    As we were chatting Kathleen said that she was thinking of going blonde completely.

    Without a beat Max said, "no ma'am, your hair is perfect as it is."

    Now I had a dilemma. Listening to a conversation is one thing, but commenting is a serious offence. However, it was a sweet thing to say and I was feeling good. I couldn't be bothered to get angry with the sweet boy.

    Kathleen laughed and said, "thank you kind sissy boy. How kind."

    Do you think I was wrong, Servitor?


  4. For us girls it’s all about emotions. You guys have to orgasm and ejaculate to make babies. I only need sperm in my vagina. I don’t need an orgasm to get pregnant. So for we girls orgasms are emotional.
    I confess I’ve slept with some guys to be popular, I guess, but I felt nothing but pretended I did. There was no emotional connection.
    Twenty minutes or so of “wham bam thank you ma’am “ doesn’t cut it for me. I want the man to pay gentle attention to my feelings and ever changing moods. I need to be caressed and kissed all over my body for prolonged time. I may have multiple orgasms unlike you guys. Then afterwards I need to be affectionately cuddled. Emotional bliss !

  5. I know exactly what you mean, Holly. For me I need connection and loving actions and then I can enjoy a guy. He needs to work for my attention. Zoe

  6. Honey, we need to talk. Come and sit by my feet, good boy. Do you remember when my friend Kathleen was over? I know you think she is really pretty Max. That's not what I want to talk about, ok?

    You remember the rule that when you are in the company of a woman you do not speak, unless I say it is allowed? Well you said to Kathleen that you liked her hair as it was. Do you remember? Kathleen was considering going blonde?

    Good boy, you do remember. Now do you remember I didn't punish you? Yes? Good job, honey.

    Can you think why I didn't cane you? No? Well have a think, Max. Thats right it was because I was a little tipsy and Kathleen laughed at your comment and I really couldn't be bothered. Do you understand? Good boy, very good sissy.

    I want you to fully understand the amazing position you find yourself in and be very, very grateful, ok?

    It will not be a regular occurrence and next time you are so naughty you will be caned, however pretty my friend is, and however tipsy I am, ok?

    Be very careful, Max. I will not be so soft again. Remember the rule on certainty, honey. Punishment is certain if you are naughty. You never, ever comment on what a woman has said. Nor what an alpha man says for that matter.

    I will maintain discipline, but this one time you got away with it. Be grateful, honey, be very grateful.

    Now, what else was there? Ah, yes I remember.

    Richard is coming for supper tonight and wants you to prepare your blackcurrant crumble,ok?

    Now finish handfasting my silk panties.


  7. I totally agree that Lady Sophia Black was an awesome Mistress and I really wish I'd sessioned with her when I had the chance. Luckily, I have several video clips of her at her cruel, gorgeous and bitchy best, but I'm sad that they are as close to receiving her sadistic treatments as Im ever going to get.


  8. Dear Ms Zoe

    Well of course you must decide for yourself, but for what it's worth my own opinion is that firmness rather than forgiveness should normally be the order of the day in these situations. After all, if little Maxie thinks he can have an opinion on your friends' haircuts, perhaps he'll start to believe he could have a say in his own hair styling, or even his clothing – and where would that end?

    But equally an occasional merciful act of forgiveness by our betters does emphasise their awesome and arbitrary power, so perhaps all for the best.

    Best wishes


  9. Thank you, Ms Holly. It's all about emotions for me as well: love and terror, not necessarily ion that order.

    Best wishes


  10. Quite so, Ms Zoe, quite so. I hope Richard manages to get some blackcurrant crumble. I often find myself bringing an elaborate dessert to an abandoned dinner table, to the sounds of laughter, gasps and steady rhythmic pounding from upstairs. I'd eat it myself but my SO says it's fattening and I'm better off without and who am I to argue?

    Best wishes


  11. Handwashing can take a surprisingly long time, but if a thing's worth doing it's worth making someone do it properly, they say.

    Best wishes


  12. Ah yes. Her attitude in session was indeed awesome (in that word's traditional sense) and exactly as she portrays in her depressingly few videos. She could mock like few others.

    And doubtless still can, but presumably no longer professionally, so to speak.

    Many thanks for your comment.

    Best wishes


  13. I would enjoy luxuriating in all that feminine lingerie! I suspect I’d get a spanking for getting distracted and playing with it! It looks like a couple days of work, at least.
    Then, I need to do the dishes too?! SaraE

  14. I'm afraid you need to hand-wash all those pretty, pink, flowery plates, cups and saucers, SaraE. On your knees. You can luxuriate in the soap-suds, if you need something to luxuriate in.

    But no one ever said this lifestyle was supposed to be easy.

    Best wishes


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