споглядаючи божественне

Yes, in what must be an enormous relief to the defenders of Kyiv, this blog has taken the momentous step of declaring its support for the brave girls… OK and the boys as well, bless them… defending their country.  Possibly a pointless and performative gesture you might say (and you’d be right) or possibly just not what you came here to read, as you sit there, trousers down around your ankles (and you’d probably be right again but there’s no point your taking to the comments to tell me to stay out of politics, as I’m wilful and stubborn).




Ukraine is of course the country that elected this leader, whom apparently the Russians didn’t like at all.  Which is (yet) another thing to like about her.



Also, the following images claim to be of Ukrainian fighters and soldiers and it says so on the Internet, so I’m sure it must be true.




OK, I think I’d be prepared to admit I don’t necessarily believe this one
is an actual servicewoman, but the blog wasn’t created to be
particularly realistic.


I am generally avoiding pictures of the genuine lady soldiers (such as the Ukrainian parliamentarian) who have taken up arms in recent days, as it’s not actually a matter for a lighthearted porno blog (few war-related things are) but this lady, a former Miss Ukraine, seems to have her picture all over the place, so here she is here:




Aaaand finally, there are Ukrainian pro-dommes – well of course there are.  And while good BDSM safety awareness means I can’t really recommend attempting to visit those that are in Kyiv just now (unless you like your play very hard-core), they do at least provide a sense of what the country has that is so very worth defending.  Let’s hope they are all safe.

Mistress Anna (… possibly, if you believe in these kind of generic escort sites, I guess):


Mistress Goldy:


Helene Nuar:


Слава Україні!




19 thoughts on “споглядаючи божественне”

  1. And to see you here too, Femsup. If this blog had a loyalty card, you'd be a platinum holder. But then you might get ideas above your lowly station, so perhaps it is as well there's none.

    Best wishes


  2. As a way to garner more male support for Ukraine this is an excellent strategy. As for contemplating what makes war divine not so much.

    Kidding. Black humor or as we Dutch say 'galgenhumor', which is the sort of humor displayed by those on the way to the gallows.

    More seriously, the fact that an adult blog like yours write about the Russian invasion of Ukraine shows how much the war against Ukraine is on everybody's mind. And how unprecedented Putin's aggression is. We let this happen and it makes me sad.

    And yes, the world should've acted sooner but we didn't. The whole thing has reminded me more than once of British prime-minister Chamberlain returning home from the 1938 Munich conference, declaring 'peace for our time', after signing a peace pact with Hitler's Nazi Germany.

  3. Thanks 11dutch. Indeed, I'm familiar with (although occasionally baffled by) your 'gallows humour' (same idiom in English)from your excellent website, which I see has also featured this.

    Chamberlain indeed is much in mind, especially when watching the leader of the country I live in – Macron – get so comprehensively played by Putin.

    All that said, the invasion appears to be going rather badly for the Russians and the West does appear to be reacting well, albeit late. I don't doubt Russia can eventually crush Ukraine but it won't be quick or easy and it's one thing to defeat a country's army, quite another to occupy it successfully – as the US and UK have discovered in recent years. Seems like a bad mistake by Putin.

    On a lighter note – and back to the language question – in France, Putin's name is invariably transliterated as 'Poutine'. Canadians find that funny because it's their word for chips with cheese and gravy, but it is better than the alternative because the natural way for a French person to pronounce 'Putin' is essentially the same as 'putain', which means 'whore'.

    Hey ho. Glad you and I agree on Ukraine. We have similar views on the 13th Doctor, too.

    Best wishes


  4. All these sort of fights between males in a rival capitalist societies would be eliminated in a Female Supremacist one. The "war" would be against male ignorance and disobedience and intransigence. A lot of sore bottoms would replace the wasteful, barbaric and destructive wars that destroy lives and consume resources. With so many troops moving about and refugees during a pandemic there is going to be pestilence too.

    Isn't it better to have a sore bottom and aching testicles rather than all the above waste and misery? Femsup

  5. I can't disagree with you on that, Femsup, and actually I wouldn't even were I allowed. And while I don't haave any problems with some aspects of military life – especially being shouted at and made to do poiuntless things by someone wearing shiny leather boots – the whole 'war' thing strikes me as thoroughly weird and likely to mess up my petticoats. Leave thee violence to the ladies, I say, and let's keep it in the home.

    And let's hope all this horror ceases and we can go back to just enjoying femdom porn, which never hurt anyone who didn't want it.

    Best wishes


  6. Because it has been invaded by a foreign country and its cities are being bombed. Many people – including me – feel sympathy about that.

  7. Tkx, we took many of fantasies from your blog aShe loves it.
    I'm Europam, but She's Japanese and that is howy name should be written.

  8. Of course, She don't want to be jailed. No worry.
    Please don't stop posting what shouldn't be done. I loved so much before I met Her.

  9. It is great you have reacted to this awful invasion. The pictures are beautiful. I feel for the little children caught up in the war. All those images on the TV of desperate people. Thank you Servitor.


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