Her whim be done

Reminds me of this amazing time I paid a pair of sex workers for the ‘two girls’ experience.  That was a lot of ironing, I can tell you – not to mention dealing with the mess they’d made of the sheets doing whatever they were doing while I was slaving away in the utility room.




Don’t worry – she’ll discover new interests when she’s married.  People do.




Women sometimes take a while to accustom themselves to just how much flogging males really need.  There’s no end to it, truth be told.





If they’re feeling kind maybe they won’t pass the ‘mad bitch’ comment on.


Do pay Cruella a visit.  Still going after all these years.

Mistress is going on a business trip in a few weeks leaving the two of you alone together, so perhaps that will provide an opportunity to resolve this nonsense once and for all?  Really talk it through, I mean.  Maybe even try to find a compromise.  She’s not going to risk a smacked bottom, after all.


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  1. What a lovely sane world he has been missing all this time. And even worse a Woman not benefiting from the use of potentially millions of males to choose from. Brilliant as always Servitor.

    She being a voluntary slave She might very well like a smacked bottom from a Woman. Femsup

  2. Thank you, Femsup. Oh I don't know: she's submissive but she doesn't really enjoy the rough treatment, you know? Like once, Mistress put her in a chastity belt for two whole days – OK, she let her out after a day and a half but still – and it nearly drove her mad with frustration, the poor little thing.

    I don't really understand the whole femsub (and opposed to Femsup) thing… you can probably tell.

    Best wishes


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