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  1. I think Jeri Ryan (aka Seven of Nine) has a right to be contemptuous of the male of the species, given her history…

  2. Come and kneel at my feet, sweetie. I want to talk to you. I must say you did really well over Christmas. The turkey was delicious and the home made Christmas pudding was your best yet.

    Did you get help from the other husbands?

    Good, I am pleased. You served us all well, darling.I was impressed when Aaron shouted at you and you didn't cry, well done. You will be caned for giving him back chat. You must accept you were slow in getting more wine. He was right to complain.

    As you have been such a good boy, I think 3 strokes, will be sufficient.

    Pardon? May you worship my feet?

    Aww you are sweet. I have been round the sales this morning so they are a bit sweaty and stinky. How thoughtful.

    Now you must apologize to my mother for not answering nicely when she asked you if you had any Christmas presents. You should have said yes ma'am, ok?

    I explained to her that sissy husbands don't get presents. I was disappointed that you weren't more polite. Thinking about it I did let you have an apple on Christmas Eve, so I guess you did get a gift.

    Now kiss the other foot, sweetie. You will insist on concentrating on one foot.

    Are they smelly?

    Oh, just a beautiful smell?

    Good answer.

    Silly sissy.


  3. As you probably know, this blog supports the position that all women have an inalienable right to that opinion (and it's absurd that most countries' constitutions do not currently enshrine that right) but I agree: Ms Ryan's experience of our imperfect world has been more imperfect than most.

    Best wishes


  4. Looks to me like sissy husbands in your household get plenty of presents, Ms Zoe, so I hope he is appropriately grateful.

    Best wishes


  5. And to you too, Zoe. Let's hope this is the year your husband starts to demonstrate some of the fruits of all that very hard work you've been putting in, to improve him.

    Best wishes


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