Womanly vices

Sure she can.  Lucy doesn’t mind a few bruises on her toys – if anything, it can make them even more sensitive.


She finds it pretty annoying working for a male CEO, actually, which is why it’s so important that she can talk through her day and work off some of those frustrations when she gets home.



A bit more lube, maybe?


It’s as if your pain receptors are directly linked to the pleasure centres of her brain.  It’s great when a couple just ‘clicks’ like that.

He didn’t have the nerve to ask whether she allows her clients ‘happy endings’ but she does – specifically, she unties them and lets them limp away.


10 thoughts on “Womanly vices”

  1. 'Heavy pain' is all about mind over matter: She doesn't mind, because you don't matter…

  2. I agree with Chas. Thanks for a year of thought provoking captions. It has certainly helped me through another strange year.

    Thanks dear Servitor.


  3. Indeed. All in the mind. My SO always says that for her, femdom is really all about the psychology of domination – the pain is merely incidental. I once asked if – since it was only incidental – maybe we could skip it but apparently, I was once again 'missing the point' and a lot of very incidental pain ensued.

    Women, eh? You have to love them – they insist.

    Best wishes


  4. You're very welcome. The world is a changeable and scary place, so I'm glad I'm not the only one clinging to the familiar 'comfort themes' of torture, emasculation, degradation and mental abuse.

    Best wishes and happy new year.


  5. You are very welcome too, my dear Zoe. I'm sure your little friend and helper is relieved not to have you always take out your tension on him – but might be rather alarmed by any or all of the thoughts this blog has provoked in you.

    Have a happy and vicious new year. Many thanks for all of your comments.

    Best wishes


  6. I'm obsessed with that girl in the first image. Simply gorgeous! Happy New Yesr, Servitor, and thanks so much for your wonderful captions. Please keep it up in 2022

  7. Keeping it up is what I intend to do, many thanks.

    As for the girl in the first image, she too can be quite obsessive, as I think the man in the cage is about to find out.

    Best wishes


  8. That first one. Lucy’s friend. She’s beautiful and your caption perfectly fits her expression. TBH, I’m not really into heavy pain play either – but then it’s not really up to me, is it?

    1. It really isn’t. Don’t worry: she’s into it enough for both of you, you’ll see.

      Many thanks for your kind comment.

      Best wishes


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