Some tales

 … as old as time for this bright new year!

Fairy tales, that is.  Not all themed around Beauty and the Beast.  Well… except insofar as everything that has ever appeared on this blog does have that theme, if you think about it.

And of course she’s keeping the whip and the
cattle prod.  But she’d have those anyway – her mother would have
presented her with them as a wedding gift, had circumstances not caused
her to need them sooner.
Many girls dream of meeting a handsome Prince, when they grow up.  Only a small fraction of those girls also dream of watching him being eviscerated by a seagull and then going off to make passionate love to their girlfriend… but enough do to make the world a more interesting place.

Well, let’s hope she turns him back soon.  It won’t be much fun for her having to look after a guy who’s basically not much more than an erect penis with a handle.

He’s going to need her to try the black leather corset, too.

Don’t try warning her how fattening you are.  Women find that offensive and patronising.

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  1. You're welcome. I understand the lady in question has been very strict with herself in resisting those irresistible desires. She might have nibbled off a couple of little bits, but nothing important.

    Thank you for commenting.

    Best wishes


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