Marital law


Just before he takes his real marriage vows.




Don’t worry: biting during sex play is considered vanilla these days, so no one at work is likely to bat an eye if you turn up with a few playful bite marks on your neck, slightly raggedy ears or a couple of missing fingers.  So just let her go with it.




My SO thinks electric shocks are funny too.  I’ve never really seen the humour in it myself, but maybe it’s one of those Mars/Venus things.





It’s always worth
buying things in bulk.  My friends at school bought me a lifetime’s
supply of condoms and I’m less than one third of the way through. 
Exactly one third, actually.

The decision-making in this marriage is shared.  Once she’s made a decision, she shares it with you.  Well… it’s best to know, isn’t it?

And a topical one for the Brits:

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  1. Toby was taking a break from his call centre job to have coffee with ae friend and colleague. As they are men they are only allowed to sit in the corridor outside the office for ten minutes, but enough time to relax and get ready for the rest of the shift. Toby's friend was wondering whether he fancied a round of golf at the week-end, but alas he couldn't. Why not?, his friend asked.

    He can't go anywhere for the next three weeks as his daughter, Anna, has gounded him for back-chat.

    It happened like this. He was in the utility room ironing a pile of clothes whilst a wash was being done in the washing machine room. Anna opened the door and shouted for him to bring her a coffee to her room pronto. He should have said "yes, princess. Straight away, princess."

    Some devil got in him and he in fact said, "can't you see I am busy. Make your own coffee, princess."

    At this Anna came fully into the room and said, "How dare you speak to me in that way. Who do you think you are? Right, you are grounded for two weeks. So, coffee now in my room.go go go ."

    So I made coffee and took it to her room. She completely ignored me and I returned to the ironing.

    You may wonder why I said I am grounded for three weeks when Anna said two weeks. Well when my wife was told about what happened she added a week.

    Oh we had better get back to work the supervisor is walking towards us.


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