I stand to be corrected

… or I bend over, or I just wriggle slightly in the bonds, making little mmphing pleading sounds.

There are no ‘behavioural problems’, only behavioural opportunities, my SO always says.  And I agree with her.

What many men who dabble in men’s lib don’t get is how profoundly offensive it is to women, to suggest that the sexes are equal.  I mean, how do you think she’d feel, to be told she’s no better than…  well… you?

Hypothermia play!  Mmmm….

Actually, I’m more of a leg man.  So, with a bit of luck…. oh dear.

Customs change – what was acceptable in times gone by is profoundly offensive nowadays.  I went to a stage show the other night which featured an on-stage spanking and I just cringed. I wasn’t even in the front row either – how come I always get picked?

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  1. I cant help be fascinated by the first picture in this post. If you look at the picture there is something under the skirt on the left hand side, but it is not the legs of the woman, they are on the right hands side as seen from the camera.
    So what is there. My brain tells me it is a leg and foot from a composite of two shots. But the kinky side of me wonders if it some poor man (reduced in size) trapped there….

  2. Oh yes, so there is. I certainly didn't photomanipulate the image. I never do, except to try to create a reasonably clean background for the caption sometimes, never touching the human or male form in the image. This isn't out of ethical concerns (my ethics are a private matter between me and my governess), merely incompetence.

    I'd be surprised if anyone else had either, on this kind of image, but I guess you never know.

    For what it's worth, my guess is that it is either a separate lining or a petticoat. You can see that the skirt is almost totally transparent if you looked closely which, being a pervert, you obviously did. Presumably, knowing how many disgusting perverts like us there are out there, either the skirt designer or the lady herself compensated with an extra layer.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking, if eyesight-destroying comment!


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