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  1. I thin the teacher taking up Her post in Rowhampton has already turned the point long ago with her young charges. Femsup

  2. Thank you

    It's important to breathe. Steady breath, not hysterical panicking, nicely in rhythm with the strokes if you can. I find if I breathe out just before the stroke, then the impact of the cane causes a sudden inward rush of air, and I can supress the scream just long enough to count and thank, as is usually required.

  3. Thank you, Femsup. Well.. there's more to a femdom relationship than just being flogged with a cane, you know. As far as she is concerned: yes of course you are right. She is a superior female punishing inferior males and thus very much 'in the lifestyle'. But most of them hate every second of it, and just think she's an evil, vindicative cow.

    Still, plenty of time for her to mold their young spirits into a more appreciative attitude to the education she is giving them. They'll be in her House for years.

  4. Yes indeed. Teachers of geography are also boys. And she knows how to deal with boys – it's her job (and she loves it)

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