And the moral of the story…

More fairy tales.  Brave princesses rescuing beautiful princesesses from horrible princes; beautiful magical fairy-tale torture chambers and – of course – fairy godmothers swishing their magic wands vigorously until everything turns out all right.

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  1. In case the Blake's 7 tribute post for Avon & Serverlan has slipped below the fold – re: Scorpius and Grayza…

  2. Yes, indeed – I saw that and thank you very much! I tend to turn to this blog at weekends so I kind-of batch reply to comments at the end of the week. I queue up posts for automatic posting (presently up to July) so I do worry at times that people think I am posting away and ignoring their comments!

    Yes, very nice reference to the scene. But still no video unless I missed it … Now I know I have seen one. But I also seem to recall it was not titled or referenced in any way to do with Farscape, but just called something more direct like "He licks her boot". So there's a task for all the eager Internauts out there… actual footage of Scorpius licking Grayza's boot in Farscape. The first to find it gets… a very sexy little video clip of Scorpio licking Grayza's boot.

  3. Thank you Alex. Speaking of 'another' I actually have a few more about Cinderella, to be posted in the future. The story lends itself well to femdom themes. There's the stepsisters, the Prince kneeling holding a shoe and fondling the feet of three women, a fairy godmother with magical powers… the possibilities are not quite endless but certainly possible.

    But the picture above just needed a good, hard, thorough captioning, so I gave it one.

  4. cool – didn't want you to miss it ­čÖé
    ** speaking of which, i.e. missing that brute and all round lucky guy Raoul in your posts, maybe you could a do a special post that is so all about him, his & our significant and superior other, and not us mere betas, pretty please?

  5. Raoul… yes, well. I'm really sorry to disappoint you but although there might be a few older captioned images not yet posted, which feature that Lascivious Latin, I'm afraid Her affections have largely shifted northwards. You might have seen references to Kurt and to Sven in more recent images… something to do with the superior straightness of their cocks, it seems (Raoul had no deficiency in overall size you understand, but it seems She enjoys being pinioned on a straight Nordic shaft, rather than filled by a curvaceous Southern cucumber).

    He got a little violent when he heard that She was dumping him actually but fortunately, She had entrusted me with the message, so there were no injuries to anything important. And I still pop in to clean his apartment, so there's no really hard feelings. He's doing quite well, actually, judging by all the women's underwear and used condoms I pick up – and by the giggling naked young women I ocasionally have to clean around. So don't feel too bad for him.

    Never say never, though. After all, Kurt and Sven can only fill two holes at a time and she does have three – five if you also count the two leading into me – so there's certainly a good chance of a guest appearance some time.

  6. Oh what enchanting tales to help the little ones accept the coming Matriarchy. Femsup

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