Demeaningful statements

Not much of a twist in the storyline in that caption I’ll admit, but sometimes the expression is just, perfectly right.

And they say romance is dead.


Watch out for the bottom-pinchers.

If they manage to catch him and chain him up again, I expect they’ll work out their anger together.

Don’t be afraid to give in to your feelings, Diana.  Do not try to fight who you are.

0 thoughts on “Demeaningful statements”

  1. Yes, or even unprogressive ones as long as they're given the right "incentives".

    Thank you for the link. Very much my kind of thing – and probably that of other readers here, who I recommend to take a look.

  2. Yes you would have thought the Woman in "Forbidden Planet" would have reacted similarly. Maybe even a kick to the balls. And I am sure the robot should have been calling Her Mistress more often. How can you say you are running out of ideas. The first line hooked us in and the 2nd got us. Good to see the community is supporting the male being found and disciplined for absconding. Femsup

  3. Yes, women are like that. They're supportive, emphathetic… so if one of their friend's slaves absconds of course they'll rally round and try to bring him back for the flogging he so richly deserves. It's a sense of community spirit, as you say.

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