Reality show

What am I wearing? 
You want to know what I’m wearing you fucking pervert?

OK, I’m wearing a check shirt and a pair of loose
jeans.  What?  No, I’m not going to tell you what underwear,
asswipe.  But it’s functional: cotton,
you know.
What, you thought I’d put on something sexy just to do this
phone sex call?  Fuck you!

Oh, I see, you want me to lie?  You want me to tell you I’m just lounging
here in some kind of fetish fantasy garb, hmm…? 
Leather bra… big thigh-high boots for you to lick, maybe?  You’d like that, huh?

Not going to happen, loser. 
You’re paying to jerk off, you’re gonna jerk off to me just as I
am.  Jeans, check shirt… no make-up.  And I’m sitting on a bus, I’m going grocery
shopping.  I need to stock up on tampons, cos it’s my period and I’m almost out?  And you have… oh I dunno, like
two minutes before it’s my stop and I end the call, so if you’re gonna jerk off
do it now, asshole.

Hmm?  Yeah, the bus is
pretty crowded.  You tugging?  Up-down-up-down-updownupodownup…

Hurry up, just pulling out from the stop before the mall.

Updownupdowntugtugtugtugtugtugtugtugtug?  Oh. 

There.  Was that
special for you, hun?  Hope so, cos it’s
all you’re ever going to get.

Oh, and tribute’s going up by another 40% next month,
creep.  And tell that fucking bank of
yours if they’re a day late again, you’re gonna have to go three months without
hearing your Goddess’s voice, yeah?

Yeah, I know you worship me, creep.  That’s because I’m female and talk to you
occasionally.  Don’t forget – 40%.   
Now fuck off.
“Hmm?  Yeah, sure I’m wearing gloves and boots. It’s cold here in Buffalo, moron.”
The lovely lady featured in this story is Goddess Rodea, of the American Mean Girls (they seem to have branched out beyond Miami and might even have rebranded again), who really do just sit around in sexy lingerie all day,  doing unpleasant things to males.  But this caller doesn’t need to know that and I won’t tell him if you don’t, OK?

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  1. You see again innovation. Who else would think of the person taking the call actually wearing what the sub might want to see Her wearing and pretends to be wearing something more "mundane". I would have loved Her in more usual attire too. Femsup

  2. Of course you'd have loved Her, Femsup. She gets very cross when men don't love Her. And you don't want to make Her cross, believe me.

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