I beg to differ

… but she rarely lets me.

I don’t want to do anything she disapproves of.  It’s too painful.

Always expect the unexpected. Except on this blog, where we ran out of ideas years ago and just keep recycling the same old tropes.

It’s only a small bottle, but they deliver them in packs of 24, annoyingly.

darling, of course, I… do you know, I don’t seem to have a pen with
me?  What a shame, I’ll just – what’s that? You have one with you,
darling?  Oh. Oh good.  Right.  So I just sign…?  There.  Right.
Mmm… blackmail fetish and schoolgirl play combined!  Lots of fun.

0 thoughts on “I beg to differ”

  1. That app is a very good idea. And earlier you talked about running out of ideas! You have superb innovative ideas on this blog. The male taking the medicine is not in control. Even of his bowels. He should of course drink ANY liquid he is given by Her. Femsup

  2. And never put yourself down! That's for your Better Half to do. Of course if She were too which maybe her wont then would She become your better whole? Femsup

  3. Well indeed, I pay good money to be belittled and treated with contempt, so why do it myself? You're right about the whole, of course, but the SO She has always been and always will be. She is at least three quarters if not more of the arrangement, as I myself – as She pointed out the very first time we met, actually – am less than half a man, if that.

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