Turnng points again and again

… so much turning it’s making me dizzy. Turning points… I usually explain the concept around now… can’t be bothered this time and I think most of you know what you like anyway.  Click on ‘turning points’ in the wordcloud if you like.  Job done.

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  1. You're an incredible caption writer, the only male writer I've seen who can write words for females that are both sexily dominant and convincingly feminine, and your scope of scenarios is impressively varied, but sadly 8/10 of your regular captions are a bit much for me (I'm pathetically soft-core). But every new update to this series is actually my favourite update of anything, anywhere on the internet. Thank you!

  2. I know it's utterly hypocritical of me, being a hard-core humiliation fetishist who enjoys nothing more than being told what a worthless worm he is… but there's nothing I enjoy more than getting compliments from pleased readers like this. Thank you for taking the time to comment so kindly.

    … and just for that, you might want to plan a quiet evening in on Friday June 9th, at the usual time these posts go up. Just you and the computer… maybe a pizza. I hadn't planned another 'turning points' for a couple of months, but I changed my mind. (But then it'll be a while as I'm all out, except for a couple of rubbish ones).

    You might want to keep your eyes tightly closed during the regular Tuesday and Friday postings before June 9, though. It's going to get distinctly squicky at times. Not for the soft-core, perhaps…

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