That’s what she said

There’s a lot of give and take in their relationship, as you can see.

That one’s called ‘the tickler’.  Come on – arms up to the shackles – this is going to be fun!

libbers just need to spend more time reflecting quietly on how lucky
they are to be living in a female-led society, if you ask me. In the
corner, with a well-smacked bottom, preferably.
Just lick something at random – quickly!
With thanks to Alex Bragin for the translation.

There’s a hand gesture for ‘go away’ as well. Pray she never uses it.

0 thoughts on “That’s what she said”

  1. Dear Servitor! Excellent pictures and captions as always! Only one little (and not important) remark. Phrase after "Which part of" must be written on Russian: "Иди сюда и лижи мои туфли!" (Oh, my God, how many mistakes in English I have made in this small comment?! 🙂 🙂 :))

  2. Not at all not important, Alex. Clearly I must seek out a Russian-speaking domme and arrange a hard schoolboy session straight away! Best wishes, S.

  3. Poor Servitor! You are very strict for yourself! And I'm a cause of your punishment???!!! What horror! But if you will "лизать ее ботинки" very good, I hope schoolboy session will be not so hard! 🙂

  4. Strict for myself? Oh no, not so much. There's someone I pay to do that.

    Not sure what kind of schools they have in Russia, Alex, but I'm pretty sure schoolmistresses don't want their shoes licked. Not in school hours, anyway. But Спасибо for commenting, as ever! S.

  5. …and now updated the picture with proper Russian in the caption! So no one can ever understand what this exchange of comments was about! Many thanks. S.

  6. "Men's Group", Pah!
    Who given the choice would be in the company of surly males when they could be at home serving their Queen?
    I mean seriously…

  7. Yeah, but sometimes she just wants you out of the house, don';t you find? And a nice cup of tea and a biscuit at the mens' group is a lot more comfortable than trying to settle down in a draughty kennel for the night, I always think.

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