Honourable ladies

…but of course they all are, are they not?

Ah well.  Back to real life.
I once asked a domme for a session where I’d be treated with total contempt and indifference.  I paid her the session fee in advance and then I never heard back from her – then when I tried to get in touch I found my emails and my phone number were blocked.  Best session ever.
Don’t worry about the spanking marks.  She won’t be embarassed.


I’ve heard in some restaurants, the staff spit in your food if you’re rude. I was in a cafe the other day where the waitress was really beautiful, so I was tempted to insult her just on the offchance, you know, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Just too sub, I guess.
Many men come too early.  January, February – that kind of thing  But with the right amount of control (preferably made of steel) you should find you can hold back almost indefinitely.


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  1. How nice of his Mother to supply a brand spanking new one. the other must have got quite worn out. Silly boy wanting to act all adult. That's only fro the Women. Men are all half grown up boys. Femsup

  2. Actually his mother's paddle is still in perfect working condition, but she still needs it, as his father is alive and well (he eats a healthy diet and exercises daily, of course, unlike many more feral males of his age).

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