Bah humbug

Twas the night before Christmas, and Servitor’s plan
To come up with a themed post had failed – stupid man.
No Santa-esque dommes, or cruel Christmas contraptions
Had he, so he just posted 12 normal captions.

Lifelong learning ensues.

Funny how the pictures featuring soft sweaters give rise to some of my
more disturbing ‘work’.  (Well, it disturbs me!  Doesn’t it disturb

Nice clean boots, hasn’t she? Someone backstage has the best job in televison, that’s for sure.

I’m not feral.  I’m very domesticated.  I don’t even try to go up onto the furniture any more.

Oh, I liked writing this one. Isn’t her expression just perfect?

Just wait until she looks in the bedroom – there’s at least another three lying around in there.  That Anna, born in a barn she was.

Big meanie.  I mean really big.  Huge.

Multitasking. I’ve heard women are better at it.

Well, yes, I suppose so.  That and the company.

… and? And what?  Bloody hell Servitor, what are you playing at?

Yeay!  Medical play with actual medicines! What’s that you’re asking? Safe, sane and consensual? Let’s just say 0 out of 3 ain’t bad. Now take your pills and shut up.

They pride themselves on maintaining a non-hierarchical environment. 
Everyone – from the Chief Executive herself down to the lowest
programmer, is equally empowered to slap the tampon boy, if he gets

0 thoughts on “Bah humbug”

  1. These were a wonderful Christmas present. Especially the girl with the gun one. Those I just can't help myself but want to be taken as a trophy by them.

  2. Shit, dude, that "poem" up there barely even rhymes.
    It's almost like you're *asking* for abuse…

  3. Love the job description of Darren. Also that the employers are so advanced thinking and egalitarian. Femsup

  4. Lets hope Auntie has left enough of his brain for him to get aroused at say Aunties cardigan. After all a vegetable is not going to do anything. And sex is largely in the head. Femsup

  5. Thank you. If you're so keen to be taken as a trophy, it's quite easily done. Just get yourself out into the woods in hunting season and don't run fast enough. If you can bear to wait for a year, spend 2017 eating a lot of fatty foods and waddle out in the weeks before Christmas. Lots of lovely ladies out then, keen to adorn their festive table with something fatty and delicious.

  6. Ah, Mr Woof, I think you might just have stumbled upon the secret purpose behind this entire blog. Honestly, though, I sometimes wonder just how bad and tedious it has to become to achieve this – look at all these compliments here! I mean, where's the fun in that?

  7. Yeah, it's a friendly and supportive working environment too. Not for Darren, though – he fucked up and was fired just before Christmas. I think a couple of people signed his card. They're nice like that. But there's a new tampon boy now. Dunno his name, as everyone just calls him 'Darren'.

  8. I think you don't need much brain to get aroused at Auntie's cardigan. I seem to be able to manage.

    Sex is largely in the head? Yes, I suppose it is… certainly when She leaves me tied up in the gay bar with the spreader gag on, I'd say at least 60% of the sex is in my head, but that still leaves a good 40% or so in the arse. And speaking of things being shoved up my arse, I definitely have to take issue with your notion that a vegetable's not going to do anything – vegetables can do plenty, believe me.

    But thank you – as ever – for commenting, anyway.

  9. Yes I set them up and you nod them in. I just knew you would find that answer to sex is in the head. Society is getting increasingly specialised and soon there will be a Darren who buys the tampons and one who fits them and another who washes them before disposal. Preferably the last will have a lot of saliva and a big mouth. Femsup

  10. And if he wants to rise up through the ranks and become head tampon boi he had better do some after work socialising. Its not mandatory to join the women in their homes cleaning and cooking and other things but it will surely help. This lad will have to learn German to get ahead in international business. Femsup

  11. I've always been a sucker for a forced-bi setup, Femsup. You know that.

    The division of labout is limited only by the extent of the market, according to Adam Smith. Once all female demands are satisfied it will cease. So – some way to go, then.

  12. Very fine photo link, Femsup. I must caption it some day. Possibly even in German! I once served a Mistress who insisted on my always speaking German to her, so I learned a bit. She was British and didn't speak a word of it, mind. She just wanted me to suffer.

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