Almost… but not quite

That’s not a reference to what I got for Christmas (although actually startingly accurate in that regard too!).

No, it’s time for another batch of ‘Turning Points’ captions.  Situations, which are almost… but not quite… femdom.  From the blog which is almost… but not quite… a complete waste of time.

Click on ‘turning points’ in the wordcloud, if you like this sort of thing.  Click on a link to somewhere else – or just leave an abusive comment, I suppose – if you don’t.


0 thoughts on “Almost… but not quite”

  1. These are wonderful, S.

    Subtlety is so often lacking in captioned photos, but you are the king of it as far as I'm concerned (as well being probably the funniest damned femdom caption artist on the web). I even clicked on 'turning points' in the word cloud, thinking there'd be just a few more of these types of pictures to enjoy, and now I've spent the last hour browsing through those as well.

    That's sort of unfortunate, because my girlfriend's due back from shopping for that new bath brush in a few minutes and I'd promised to get busy with the Dyson while she was out. And she was so cross the last time…

  2. He is the funniest and most clever captioneer on the internet. And great to see you back Underling. I hope you polish the wood on the back of the bath brush after she's used it. Femsup

  3. Thank you Declan. A very happy new year to you and yours. I hope those kinky guests didn't disturb your vanilla gathering any more than was absolutely necessary.

  4. Awww (again). Stop it, you lot. I can't think what's come over you all. The captions are mostly just observational and drawn from real life, anyway, as the best humour always is.

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