Simple instructions

Of course, if you’re fetish happens to be ‘working all the hours there are in a mindnumbingly dull office job to earn money for her to spend on male prostitutes’ then you’ve really hit the jackpot here.
There are painful side effects if you take less than the recommended dose, by the way.

There were actually supposed to be a lot more men there, but Clara messed up the email invitation. If you think you’re uncomfortable, just imagine how she‘s feeling right now!
Oh. OK, then.
Hmm. I wonder what she’s planning to keep in there, then, if not you?

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  1. Men should wait till all the Women are served first. But then he would not only return without the pills but he would return late.

  2. Whatever they want, but they'll have to pace themselves, obviously. It wouldn't be fair to the trios going last if there's not much left to play with by then.

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