Back to his place

That seems very cruel.  My own SO is much kinder – she’s got me on a diet consisting almost entirely of  fatty bacon sandwiches and chocolate cake!  Yum.  She wants me to take up smoking too.  She’s thoughtful like that.

There’s actually a Lifetime Achievement category at the annual snuff movie awards, but strangely no-one’s ever claimed it.

Well… OK. As long as she listens to his
concerns this time.  Last time, she decided she needed to pee right in
the middle of the conversation and I think he never got to say
everything he intended.
There you are, you see?  Now why did she let him get like that? Too soft on him, that’s what she is.

This blog doesn’t often feature dominant males, so say hi to Master Rod.  You won’t be seeing him often, but maybe he’ll be brought out to play from time to time.

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