Blonde justice

Yes.  Someone needs to let her know that you just can’t get a toilet bowl really clean by licking it, either. Will you tell her, or shall I?

Mmmm… nine-and-a-half times the fun!
 I’m not generally a big fan of the US ‘mean young women’ style of femdom, but Miami Mean Girls is really pretty good.  I think it’s the same as AmericanMeanGirls too. There’s a lady called Goddess Rodea (that’s not her, above) who I think is particularly wonderful.  Worth a look.
Your kink is not her kink.  Which is just as well, or you’d have to murder her, and think how awful that would be.

Could even have a key-swapping party.  Such fun, until someone loses a key and then there’s weeks of recrimination and tears.

It’s going to be hard to carry all that shopping with a broken arm. Perhaps you could ask for the arm to be broken later, when you’re back?  What’s that?  You think that sort of impertinence might just annoy her? Yeah, probably right. Oh well, one-armed shopping it is.
Goddess Lexi of course, featured on Femdom Empire.

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