Now do you want to dance, or do you want to bite?

Not that I approve of many more of the lyrics.

Wow – big decision, huh?  Thank goodness she’s already taken it so you don’t have to.


I had a rectal examination on my last trip to the doctor’s. So embarrassing!  I’m not taking that bus again!


Perhaps they could vote on it.


Wow.  She’s pretty easy-going, huh?  I wish my SO let me just beg for things whenever I like, like that.


Trick question – you’re doing both.

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  1. Thank you, you're both very kind. Well, I'm still writing them, and at the last count I had 914 unpublished captioned pictures on my computer, so the blog will keep going for a while yet, I expect… Google permitting.

  2. From one of the tumblrs with St Mackenzie pictures on it… there's a photoset of quite a few of them out there, if you like.

  3. Now that slavery has been legalised how about some punishments as well ,Whipping posts ,stocks,pillories ,cages ,ducking stools for the male sex only of course

  4. Oh, we don't want a bunch of laws or institutions relating to 'punishment'. There aren't any laws about how you treat your toaster or your carpets, are there? Same principle.

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