New year, same old nonsense

Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed the extra captions over the 12 days (or possibly the first 11 days if you’ve been reading the comments sections too) of Christmas. 

Back to normal now, though – twice a week is all you get.  Ooh-er, sounds bit rude!

They practice mindfulness too.  That involves thinking very very hard about what’s about to happen when your skin won’t stretch any further.

Might take quite a while to do penance for all of the sins during those five years of freedom.  Still – there’s the rest of your life.


I’m a member of their frequent shriekers’ club.


Of course, it wasn’t like that when she bought the house.  There was no flowering bush behind the gimp feature – in fact, the garden was mostly just gimps all over.  Much more colourful this way.




Or – on  most occasions – participate.

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