Price discrimination

Good session for you? 

Yeah, it got pretty intense there in the middle, didn’t
it?  I really thought you were about to
use the safeword. You were like – oh my
god, I can’t take this.  But you just
about got through it, didn’t you?  You look pretty exhausted now, though!

Oh – while you’re getting dressed.  There’s something I wanted to mention, about
session rates.

See, I’ve realised I’ve just got too many clients and it
seems crazy that a session I really actually enjoy with some devoted old slave
costs the same per hour as a one-off with a businessman visiting from Tokyo, or

So I got together with Anne, and we, like, went through the list of
all my regulars, you know.  So the ones I
actually like sessioning with were rated ‘A’ and they’ll only pay half rates
and so on.

Yeah, it’s a good idea isn’t it?  Should have done it ages ago.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you were rated
‘D’.  So if you want to keep on
sessioning with me, you’ll be paying five times as much as you have been.

Hmm?  Oh no! It’s not
that I don’t want to session with you any more! 
You’re not an ‘E’.  I just need a
lot more money to tolerate spending time with someone as irritating as you,
that’s all. 

OK, you can go and get
dressed now.

Still here? Go on – fuck off.

The part of the lovely Tiffany Naylor in this little tale was played by the lovely Tiffany Naylor.  Who, I am sure, never tells her clients to fuck off unless that’s what they want.  Or need.

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