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Hey sweetie!

So, this is… oh I don’t know video diary number eleventy nine or something.  But I checked the calendar and it’s exactly 11 months you’ve been in confinement!  Pretty cool, huh?  Nearly a year already!

Anyway, I just wanted you to know I’m still here and looking after you!  I mean, you can tell that because there’s still food coming through your feeding tubes, I guess.  But anyway, you know I like to talk to you from time to time, and I had a few minutes so I thought I’d do another video. 
So… speaking of feeding, I changed the mixture in your bucket last week.  I read this article that said that raw celery was really good for the circulation, and as you can’t move any more, I thought that might be useful, so I chopped up a bunch and stirred it in.

Do you like my leather outfit?  Huh?  Does it still make your cock try to swell up, in its little tube?  Or has it given up trying? I’ll never know or care, I guess. I’m going clubbing again so I thought I’d put on something special.

Anyway, I guess that’s about it.  Oh!  You know, I’m thinking of having you moved up from the cellar into the living room? Yeah!  We could put you into that alcove, and Steve said he could build an extra box around your real box – so you just look like a piece of furniture – and plumb the waste pipe down through the floor.  I thought we could put the TV on you, maybe, or at least a few pictures.  So, you’ll know you’re being useful.  Don’t worry about the noise, though: Steve said it could be completely soundproof. You won’t know if the TV’s on or off.  But I guess you’ll feel the motion if we move you. Pretty weird to get sensory input like that, after all these months?  It won’t be for a while, though.  Steve’s pretty busy at work just now.
So…what else?
You know, I should get Steve to do a video. I know he said hi on that one I did back in the summer, but I think you should get to know him better. I mean, you feed on his food scraps just as much as mine, when he’s here, so it’s like he’s looking after you too.  He thought it was a bit weird at first – I mean, hey, it is weird, right?  But he’s OK with it now.  The other day he only ate half his dessert and when I asked why, he said it was to give you a little treat!  Wasn’t that kind?  And he’s never even seen you. Of course, I just threw it in the garbage.  You can’t have nice things like that. I told him the next day and he just laughed and said OK, because I’m the one in charge. He’s really cute.  Anyway, I’ll make sure you see more of him next time. 
So… yeah!  I guess that’s it until next time.  For me.  For you, I guess this is it until this message repeats again tomorrow.  You can hear it all over again! Won’t that be nice?  But for now, it’ll be back into darkness in 3 – 2 – 1 –

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