Back on track

Well, the consensus seems to be that Google has backed down, so here we go again.

Have a double-length post to make up for it. Oh – and for the next three weeks or so there will be an additional caption each day on the Tumblr site, that will not appear here (because my filing system is too disorganised to find the right ones, if I delete the Tumblr queue).

****ing Google. 

Don’t worry.  You don’t have to do anything she doesn’t want you to do. In fact, you mustn’t.


Who says men are useless, eh?


I expect you’ll manage well enough without.


It’s bound to be a bit painful at first.  But you’ll get used to it.


I’ve always had this ability to make women laugh. I think I was born with it.


When he left school, he wanted to work in IT. And he does – he usually stops by that department just before lunch


I think we’ve all been there.  Just the other day a market research company rang up and asked if I was interested in taking part in a survey about web use. So I said sure, but after about five or six questions about my browsing habits, they just rang off without any warning!  Bizarre, huh? I mean why did they ask if they don’t want to know the answers?


Something to look forward to.


That’s good of her.
Another thing to tick off her bucket list. 

2 thoughts on “Back on track”

  1. Maaaannnn…. I'm happy. With some of this photos and captions you hit me right in the spot.

    I'm trying to say – great as always.

    I get on this site to leave a comment about checking other blog sites (like wordpress) and i see such a good news. Keep on postin ­čśÇ

  2. Thank you. Well, I am very happy too.

    Happy that the blog is still here (for all of the annoyance of being at Google's mercy, I do like the format).

    And happy as well to have such a supportive group of readers. Thank you for helping out with a move (assuming you're the same anonymous who did) – let's hope it's never needed.

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