Nervous anticipation

Surely the sexiest feeling there is.  Don’t you think?  No?  Try a vanilla blog with lots of pictures of naked women instead, then, because this just isn’t going to be your thing.

Mistress Hellena is magnificent
Well… as long as they’re housetrained.
The lady above is Mistress Hellena, web site as recorded on the bottom right of the picture.  She has lots of very creative videos on the site – not the usual stuff by any means.  At one point, a slave gets wrapped up in brown paper.  She is clearly a wonderfully commanding and creative domme and I’d love to session with her, but her voice sounds exactly like my mother’s and that freaks me out.  Poor old screwed up Servitor.
Will he go under or over the barbed wire, I wonder?

But hey, it’s what we do, right?

Don’t you hate it when women do this?  They say “Is there something you want to talk about?” when really they already know all about it?  And then they strap you across the whipping block and flog you mercilessly, halve your pocket money and ground you for six months?  Women, eh?

It’s sad, but there are just too many submissive men chasing too few dommes.  The pound is the only answer.  Don’t worry: they’re very humane there.

0 thoughts on “Nervous anticipation”

  1. Licking Her Armpit? Seriously? What sane Woman would allow Her slave to get his pathetic tongue so close to Her Face?

  2. Hi Servitor,

    Nice captions! Do you know the source of the second picture? Thanks!

  3. Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is 'yes', basically. It's a site that was run by a British (I think?) guy who used to do photosets of Russian ladies. The bad news is… well, follow the link. He got religion and closed down the site and seems now to be devoted to yogic techniques to cure addiction to masturbation. So it goes.

    But the images are all over tumblr and so on.

  4. None at all. But the less strict – or more controlling – ones might occasionally allow a brief moment of imagining licking an armpit, if that's what keeps johnny doing what he's told.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the answer. Oh, I see this site is closed… But could you send me the tumblr link where you found it?
    Maybe there is more of this photoshoot on other sites.

  6. Obviously, in reality, the majority of internoe are NOT used primarily for looking at porn. They're used primarily for looking at videos of cats. But porn is definitely a strong number 2.

    People with sexual fetishes for cats presumably never leave their computers at all.

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