Informed consent

It’s very important.  She always informs me when my consent is required for something.

Penectomy trouble
Ignorance is no defence. 

Check-out time is when she decides to release you.

Hmmm. Interesting.  I wonder what she does use, then.  Any thoughts?

..and what’s the best?

Probably best not to ask… I certainly don’t know.

She seems nice.

I was going to point you to this forthcoming movie which looks very fine, but Paltego beat me to it.

So instead (trigger warning: vanilla.  And you have to enter access code 7201969), how about Anne Hathaway in space

0 thoughts on “Informed consent”

  1. Dear Servitor, do you know brand of the panties in thirt picture on this page? "Oh no it's not that kind of…" photo?

  2. Thank you, TD! I tried a reverse image search too, to answer Mr A's question, but I got distracted a little too early, what with one thing and another. Damn you Pinterest and Tumblr…

  3. I just know I'm going to spend the whole movie just sitting there, hating the 90% of it when she's not on-screen and in the rest desperately hoping there will be a scene where the astronaut suit comes off and she's doing the vest-and-panties thing, like Sandra Bullock or Sigourney Weaver. Bet she won't, though. Sigh…

  4. you know… i really like the third caption. Chains, whips, cages are just depraved men's fantasies. It's when She no longer has to use this things knowing fully well you will still obey that you can truly call it Femdom.

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