Man talk

Now listen
darling, just about dinner tonight. 
Annie wants you to talk to Victor: she’s trying to get him into
chastity, and she thought you might be able to help reassure him.  If you could just tell him how much you love
being in chastity, how you’ve never regretted a single day and all that kind of

Well… I know
it’s not quite true, darling.  But
Victor’s a bit reluctant, so it’s probably best not to tell him about the early
days. I expect he’ll have to go through the same anger and frustration, the
tears – god, all that constant whining and pleading!  But that’ll be good for their relationship,
just like it was for ours.  They mostly
only play at CP these days, so Annie will have to step up a bit in that
department.  She’s quite looking forward
to it – she was asking my advice about canes.

Just as long
as Victor accepts that first step and lets her lock him.  After that, she can use it as leverage to
sort out the rest of their relationship, and soon it won’t matter in the
slightest what he wants.  So telling a
few little white lies isn’t really such a bad thing, if it helps with that, is

remember: big smiles, best thing that ever happened, very happy husband.  Oh – and Annie asked me to make sure you were
never alone with Victor.  Of course, I
told her you’d have strict instructions about what to say and you wouldn’t dare
disobey me… just make sure either she or I are in earshot at all times.

I mean – you
don’t have any regrets do you darling?

Do you,

No, didn’t
think so.  Off you go and get ready.

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  1. Yes, many males experience an unfortunate period of freedom between reaching adulthood and getting married. I think sensible mothers should arrange things so that on their eighteenth birthdays, their sons pass into a state of married bliss with a carefully-selected girl with sound views and a firm attitude.

  2. A female roommate (or strict landlady) willing to serve as a keyholder works, too. She gets a guy to help around the house, and he remains safely under the control of a responsible, caring female

  3. Maybe something like a day in the life of a happy househusband, with his cock safely locked, as he goes grocery shopping, gets a package, deals with the neighbors . . . et al.

    Oh, or maybe some more magazine covers/articles about chastity

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