Truth or…



The worst
thing I’ve ever done to a boy?  Oh…
I’ll probably take the dare, erm –

No!  No, I got it.  I’ll go with truth!

OK, so there
was this, like, really cute guy a couple of years above me?  And he really wanted to feel my breasts?

So I told
him that I’d let him, if I could kick him in the balls.  I mean, I was joking!  You know?

But he said
OK!  I couldn’t believe it!

Well, we
just stood there for a bit, and for some weird reason I just found myself
saying ‘How many times’?  And he’s like
‘Just one, bitch’.  So I’m like, ‘If you
can take ten, I’ll let you go all the way’. 
And he’s like, ‘OK, but you have to stop if I say so, OK?’.  And I’m like ‘Sure!’ 

Anyway, he
made me promise to stop if he said so – and for a joke, I made him agree that
he had to say ‘Please Carly, I’m a wimp and I can’t take any more, please

So he opened
his legs a little bit, and he breathed in and out for a bit and then he looked
at me – he was looking kinda scared! – and was just, like, ‘OK!’.  Real tense, like that, you know?  Just: ‘OK!’.

And I kicked
him really hard, right in the nuts.  I
was wearing these kinda goth boots? 
– even though I’d already started going emo back then, but you know,
they were cool –  and the toe went right
between his legs so the top of the boot smashed right up into his balls. 

I don’t
think he’d expected me really to kick him as hard as that!  Especially not for the first one.  Because his eyes bulged out, and all the
breath came out of his body, and he staggered back and he’s trying to gasp for
air?  And he looks up at me with these
horrified pleading eyes – I can still see them now – and I think he was just
about to try and say something when I kicked him the second time!

And of
course, after that I went through with the whole thing.  I mean, I knew he wanted me to stop.  But he could hardly even scream, he was in so
much pain – let alone say the complicated sentence we’d agreed.  So I could just keep going.  Once he got as far as ‘PleaseCarlyI’m
awimpand’ – but then WHAM!. you know, and he shut up again.

And – I
guess the worst thing about it was that I’d planned that?  You know? 
Cos I’d seen boys who’d taken, you know, a softball in the nuts and I
knew what it would be like?  That’s why I
made him agree he had to say such a long thing if he wanted me to stop.  And then I just had to make sure I went in
really hard for the first one.

For the last
four he was writhing on the ground – I think he was trying to crawl away just
using his arms, but of course that didn’t do him any good, and those were the
hardest of all.

And I left
him there.  I figured he wouldn’t want to
try collecting on his part of the deal that day! 

Anyway… I
heard he went to hospital, for a long time, then they moved away.  I was kinda worried for a while that I might
get into trouble, but I don’t know – maybe he didn’t want to admit to anyone
that a girl did this to him?  Or maybe he
was just scared of me.  But anyway,
apparently he told his parents and the police that these three big black guys
had done it.

I thought
that was kinda mean.  Huh?  I mean, why say they were black guys?  There’s so much, like, prejudice and hatred
in the world, you know?  That was
nasty.  Made me realise he wasn’t a very
nice guy.  If he ever did show up and
want to collect his side of the deal, I’d just be like, no way!  I don’t fuck racists!  What an asshole.

Anyway, I
guess that’s the worst thing I’ve done. 
I mean, there was another thing a few months later that was a bit worse,
but that wasn’t just me.  I had my friend
Amy with me.  She’s really cool – you
should meet her!

OK!  Your turn. 
Truth or dare.


You know…I’m
going to have to think of something really embarrassing to ask you.  Cos I’ve got such a great idea for a dare for
you!  There is no way you are leaving tonight until I’ve made you do it.
Let me think…


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  1. Actually, she positively discourages it. She's been known to get quite cross with people expressing racist views – and quite right too! As a matter of fact, she has some footwear she refers to as her 'anti-racist boots', though I must confess I have no idea what she means by that.

  2. What a prick. Calling a woman a bitch. And being a racist too. He deserved everything he got.


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