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  1. I love a good looking bridal outfit. But of course I would.

    And a Mistress in a bridal outfit? What male wouldn't want to submit even a little bit?

  2. I like the allusion to public ceremonies and groups who practice a Female Led lifestyle.

  3. I think you need to sort out some gender and clothing issues there, Sharon! All of the dresses pictured above are long, elegant flowing numbers. The bridegroom, surely, at a traditional wedding, would be in something much skimpier, with lace and frills. And surely a much shorter skirt? The proprieties must be observed, after all.

  4. Yes. Every male who has ever walked, crawled or been dragged having a tantrum up the aisle would surely echo those thoughts.


  5. Yes, my Significant Other says just the same about me. Of course, I cry on many other occasions, but I never quite cry in exactly the same way as at weddings, she claims, having long enjoyed a hobby of carefully defining and categorising the different ways I can be made to cry. She is the expert, so I bow to her opinion on this. And everything else.

  6. Thank you. So do I. Actually, by no means all of the congregation in (for example) the Greek temple one are true believers in FLR. But I think a wedding is an occasion to put aside these doctrinal differences, as we recognise that really there is just one divine spirit whether you consider it to manifest itself on this earth in the form of, for example, Jesus, Krishna or Wife.

  7. Best update yet. Reminds me of my special day (or how it would have been 'if I knew what I knew now!')

  8. Thank you for those kind words, Mistress Cassie. I hope that you give young prospective brides the benefit of the knowledge you now have. And perhaps their grooms could be sent for a visit to learn a thing or two as well.

    (Why are female commenters on my blog always so kind and generous with their praise, I sometimes wonder? It's such a wasted opportunity for contemptuous abuse. It's probably because they have better manners than the men, I suppose.)

  9. Because we know what you really want… and we aren't in the business of giving men what they want ­čśë

    Or maybe it's to lull you all into a false sense of security before we break out the 'Bridal, Reins and Whip'

  10. Thank you, Mistress Cassie.

    I'll admit that knowing what Servitor really wants is probably not all that difficult. I've posted well over 1500 little fantasies now, as captioned images or stories, so I'm not concealing my inner longings very well.

    Let's hope any sense of security I feel about being bridalled, reined and whipped is indeed false. I'd find that very reassuring.

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