Office services

Hi – you
looking for me?  Mel Collins?

Right – yes,
I thought you must be.  You’re new,
right?  Have you been told what you’re
supposed to do?

You’ve got a
general idea, but you’d rather hear a detailed description directly from
me?  OK.

Right, well,
with me it’s all about domination and humiliation.  I’ve got a big strap-on, and I start by
fucking you up the arse with it.  I hope
you’re nice and tight, because I like that to be quite uncomfortable.  I’ll be tugging hard on your balls too.  Anyway, then I order you to kneel in front of
me and suck it, and you refuse because it’s just come out of your arse and it
smells of your shit.  So then I get angry
with you, I best you around the face a bit, then I tie you over the table and
whip you with my belt.  It’s good if you
cry.  Then you kneel in front of me, with
your hands still handcuffed, and suck it off. 
After that, I scatter your money around the room, and you have to crawl
about picking it up with your mouth. 
I’ll throw the handcuff key down as well, and just leave you.  You can let yourself out – I don’t want to
see you at that point.

Got it?  You can start by stripping naked for me right
now.  I said NOW you shit-licking whore!

What’s that?


Oh, I
see.  So you’re here about the network
connection?  Not… the other thing?

no,  if you’re from IT I suppose you
would be.  Sorry – I thought you were
someone else.

So… why are
you still getting undressed?

0 thoughts on “Office services”

  1. Wow, that's really a woman I would like to be spanked by. If she would have a job opening for a servant I would happily to apply.

  2. Servitor great that you have this humorous site as domination of men by women is supposed to be great and fun.


  3. Well, I think so too. And there's nothing wrong with sites that take their bdsm a bit more seriously but… there is something really quite absurd about most femdom after all. I love it more, the more self-parodying it gets, to be honest.

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