Coming out

A lot of people live secret lives, hiding their true selves away, fearful of mocking and misunderstandings.  I’ve certainly done that for decades – decades too long, I would say.  Well, I’ve made a momentous decision for the new year.  I’m going to speak in public about what I truly feel in private. I’m going to  – not ‘admit’ because that implies wrongdoing – but celebrate my sexuality.  I’m going to share this first with you – the loyal readers of this blog.

Out loud and out proud.

Here we go…

(deep breath)

I, Servitor, have a sexual fetish.  I get sexually aroused by thoughts of sexually dominant women, controlling, punishing and humiliating me.  I am, in short, a sexual ‘submissive’.

There.  That feels so much better!  No doubt I’ll lose many readers of this blog, shocked at the nature of these revelations – but it’s their loss and not mine.  I’d like to thank those readers broadminded enough to keep on reading.  You know my secret now – and that’s a sacred trust.  I know I can rely on you, even though I have not the slightest idea who any of you are.

Masturbation glove lady - or not
Actually, I thought for a moment they were the punishment gloves.  Or the other punishment gloves.

It does seem rather odd that I (for example) am not allowed on the furniture but I do still get to choose the Government.

Puppy play
Puppy play!  In my youth I liked puppy play.  Sadly, now it’s ‘tired old dog being dragged around slowly on aching knees under threat of a whipping’ play.

English governesses
Oh.  I think I have a lot of bad habits that I might need some help with, you know.

You know, there’s really nothing like a chastity belt for putting ladies at their ease with you.  It takes away all that nonsense about being male, or a potential sexual partner, and allows you to just be yourself.

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  1. Why would anyone want to strip males of their voting rights? I mean, come on! Think people! Properly chastised males are one of the most reliable voting blocks for advancing the gynarchy agenda – are you really just going to give those votes up? If they're making bad electoral choices, they just need more guidance from the keyholders and the other women in their lives.

    Its the referendums on mandatory (surgically implanted) GPS chips, requiring them to have a female guardian, and denying men the ability to own land that are the important ones. Those are the ones that'll actually improve things!

  2. Yeah… but what about those that are not properly chastised (like Raoul)? If they remove the voting rights from males then I assume the votes would be unanimous. Who's going to vote against the ladies, unless they give voting rights to the cats of course… but that's a story for another website.

  3. I hope one day it would be totally accepted for a man to be publicly submissive to his Lady, and that he can be proud of it. The sooner this happens, the better it will be.

  4. Thank you both.

    In my opinion (worth about 1/10 of a woman's opinion, legally, as I understand it). I don't think GPS chips for males should be mandatory. I think consent's very important. If his owner doesn't want to do it, that should be up to her.

    I don't think even males like Raoul should have the vote. Just because he's hung like a stallion and can fuck like a steam engine all night doesn't qualify him to run the country, now, does it? And he can't spell. Or do maths. I can't understand what she sees in him, to be honest.

  5. Exactly! That's the point, Servitor! Giving males like Raoul the vote guarantees both the success of the gynarchic agenda, AND the stability of the political system. For every male like Raoul, there are a hundred who'll reflexively vote against anything he supports – and who'll support every gynarch initiative and ballot measure to keep males in check, just to keep him from screwing things up.

    And since you and the other males are VOLUNTARILY giving your votes to the gynarch, it cuts the feet out from those Men's Libbers. If males are stripped over the vote, then – in a few years – the Men's Libbers could claim that their voting rights were "stolen" from them. But if males continue to vote pro-gynarchy, year after year . . .well, what are they going to say? That males are too stupid to vote? That'd make a real great slogan for their cause (rolls eyes)

    And maintaining the male vote also helps support the established gynarchy politicians and policies. Kids these days have such weird views. . . but who's more likely to have a harem of chaste males to bolster her electoral chances? The senior member of Parliament (or Congress)? Or the college freshman? And by the day the college freshman has a chance to build her own harem to advance her views, she'll be a stakeholder in the system , , ,

    Thus, preserving the male right to vote is key to guaranteeing a long, happy, female dominated regime. Year after year, the males will vote to keep themselves in loving bondage to their women

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