When the godesses wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.

True on so many levels. 

I hope you had a good Christmas.  I don’t know whether I did or not, as I wrote this post and ‘scheduled’ it weeks in advance. 

In any case, the real Servitor was long ago laid off and the caption-writing outsourced to Bangladesh, where teams of underpaid workers assemble femdom-themed attempts at erotica and wit using cast-offs from other, more interesting, sites.  Sad, but true – like everything else on this blog.

sperm sample nurse
Don’t worry if you can’t fill it.  Just ask one of the other men standing alongside you.  I’m sure they won’t mind.

Boyfriends!  The curse of the sissy sub’s life.  Still, I suppose someone has to play the football.

It’s good that she’s not letting these petty irritations affect her work. No messing about, just getting on with it.  That’s the way.

Ah, the majesty of the legal system.

“Servitor” is nice, I’ve often thought.

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  1. I identify myself with the second caption… except there was no Paul, but there were Josh, Steve, Mike, Peter, another Steve, Craig, Craig's brother whose name I can't remember and might have been a few others that she did not mention. And I always, while doing my chores like a good boy, got to hear what 'assholes' these guys were and I was 'such a nice guy' that my roommate would have been happy to find someone like me. Also I was allowed to bring girls home… too bad I had no girl to bring home.

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