enthrall (v.)

also enthral “to hold in mental or moral bondage,” 1570s, from en- (1) “make, put in” + thrall. Literal sense is from 1610s.

Kinky etymology.  You only get it here.  Don’t you?
Femdom mistress choice
I think she should allow them more food, don’t you?

More mathematical domination
Math is hard.  So’s she.

Dance for your mistress
She likes the way all those clamps jingle together when you sway.

Mistress owes her slave
Anyway, you’re still young.  Plenty of time to have that orgasm.

At the feet of Liz
She’ll probably just choose ‘both’ again – same as usual.  Women – never can make their minds up, can they?  Bless ’em.

5 thoughts on “Enthralled”

  1. ''Darling, please come back and explain why you just said that to me.''

    ''I am sorry high goddess. I just thought it was along caning today so I said I am glad it is now over. I didn't mean a criticism, ma'am, honestly.''

    ''When I have taken time out of my busy schedule to correct your bad behavior's, you should be grateful. I don't hear a thank you, honey.''

    Servitor this is what is the problem with today's schooling. It doesn't teach proper respect for the cane. Max could go all day pleading and worshipping me and not thank me enough for my kindness in correcting him. His naughtiness was in being late to respond to my Mother pressing the buzzer in the guest bedroom upstairs. She had to wait 2 or 3 minutes for a clean towel.

    This is not acceptable, I won't have my Mother thinking I don't run an efficient house, now can I ?

    Schools should be teaching that girls and women are always right and are figures to be adored and worshipped. But, no, they teach ''equality'' and ''rights'' and nonsense like that.

    ''Max, please be kind enough to fetch me a coffee. Then go upstairs and see if my Mother would like a coffee after she has her shower, can you manage that?''

    I love my Max, I really do. I wouldn't be loving him, however, if I let him go round in his own sweet way without instruction, correction and consequences.


  2. It should be x K x^-1, not xKx – I. The -1 is in exponent so that x^-1 is read “x inverse”. Well, I wouldn’t dream of contradicting her, of course.

    1. Well spotted. I myself would say ‘reciprocal’ rather than inverse, for x exp (-1) = 1/x, but I wouldn’t dream of contradicting anyone.

      What an embarrassing mistake. Still, I expect maths blogs get the femdom wrong, so it’s probably all fair.

      Best wishes


      1. Inverse is correct in the case of a division ring as you are not guaranteed to have a type of x where the symbol (1/x) makes any sense. As it is, this was a good catch for a very clever caption – I didn’t even notice the orthography.

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