A lucky break


Hi Sweetie!  Listen, I met
someone you used to work with, last night. 
I mean, before you lost your job. One of Rob’s friends.  Brad – somebody? Yes, that’s right.  Tall guy, very good-looking.  Was he in your team?  Did he? 
Wow, hard to imagine you being his boss.
Anyway, he’s got your old job, now. Well – sort of.  They’ve expanded it a bit, given him two
extra divisions to manage I think. 
hey’re doing really well! 
He said you weren’t very good at winning 
business because clients found you a bit creepy, or something like that.  Funny what a difference these little things make!  Oh, and apparently your team never liked you much.  But with him in charge, all that’s
changed!  Isn’t that great?
Anyway, I was telling him you’ve been unemployed all this
time, and how desperate you are for work, and that you’re looking for opportunities – and guess what he said!
Apparently, he needs a cleaner!  Three hours a day, you know to pick up around
his apartment and do the dishes and his laundry and things like that.  And he’ll pay 25% over minimum wage – because
he says he’s really messy!  He told Rob that anyone who’d handwash his dirty socks deserved at least a 25% bonus over minimum wage.  He’s such a funny guy – had us all laughing all evening.
Well, of course I said you’d love to!  So maybe you can pop round today, and he can
show you where all the things are. 
Oh –
and it gets better.  He said he’d ask around at work, to see if anyone else needs laundry doing
or something!  They’re all really busy,
and the company gave them all huge bonuses last year, so he reckons there’s a
good chance!  He even had this brilliant business idea! You could do laundry for the whole team – you know, just pop into your old office two or three times a week and pick it up from anyone who has anything for you, then deliver it all again, all clean and neatly ironed, a day or two later.  Wasn’t he clever to think of something like that!  Maybe that’s why he’s so much more successful than you were. 
Wasn’t that lucky!  He’s
really nice, actually.  I hope he’s there
again tonight.

0 thoughts on “A lucky break”

  1. This Brad guy… he is fictional right? I've never heard of a guy being in charge in his relationship, let alone be appointed to manage two additional divisions… not on this blog anyways.

  2. I'd be delighted to do the laundry for all the women in the office, but doing it for the men is humiliating, and she knows it!

    I'm scared – what will be the next humiliating task she'll make do for them after I've hand-washed their stinky underpants and socks?

  3. Another perfect little story from your hand. I love your twists, your subtlety, your details and not to forget your originality. You always find the right tone. It's always a pleasure coming here to see if there is something new.


  4. Oh, not all men on this blog are of the submissive variety, Mr A. It's just the pathetic losers like me and (I'm guessing), you. Fortunately, even dommes get to hang out with real men sometimes, so it's not too cringe-inducing for them to associate with us.

  5. Oh, for goodness' sake! She's not making you do anything, K-ow. It's just an idea. You could say no. Of course you could. And you would, if you didn't want to do it.

    Wouldn't you?

  6. I love the idea of being sent around to other people's houses to clean. Please do another one with a long list of chores!

  7. Well, I would, but it's such an effort, you know? It takes quite a lot to get me motivated. Fortunately, she is very determined.

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