Let me count the ways

What’s Lady Sophia like, you ask?

Hmmm, how to describe her?  Well, I suppose she’s. . .  spiteful. . .  vindictive. . . domineering. . .  callous. . .aloof. . . unforgiving. . .  contemptuous. . . brutal. . .  arrogant. . .  self-centred. . .imperious. . .  ruthless. . .  sarcastic. . .  cruel. . .  mean. . .  malicious. . . implacable. . . bossy. . .  harsh. . .  unkind. . .  sneering. . .

. . . and, oh how I adore her.

…and I’m going to see her again tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

0 thoughts on “Let me count the ways”

  1. Jealousy is a terrible sin, you know, Mr A. As a matter of fact, I know someone who could probably help you out with that. She's good at dealing with sinners.

  2. Bien sûr que non, Monsieur A! Vous n'avez pas les droits. Le thème de ce blog est que les hommes n'ont pas de droits. Peut-être que vous rendre visite a Maîtresse Sophia afin qu'elle puisse expliquer quelques petites choses à vous.

  3. I too have the privelidge to serve the awesomely strict Lady Sophia. As I hadn't sessioned for sometime she spared me some of the pain she meats out to some of her slaves but managed to make me a quivering wreck all the same. Each subsequent visit becomes even more fearsome.

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